Sunday, December 30, 2007


Gosh the short weekend is almost over. It has certainly flown by. We left work a bit early Friday so that helped somewhat to make the weekend go a bit longer. At least I have the laundry almost done, folded and put away. Yeah me!!!
Yesterday Colleen wanted to do a little antiquing and to look for a Tim Holtz stamp she needed. So off we headed. First stop was Starbucks for coffee. Got to love Starbucks to start the shopping experience right? Then it was to RJ Peddlars and Mystic Paper for goodies. I found quite a few things on the antique side and scored the new Sommerset magazines I had been looking for. Yeap we even braved the downstairs with the ghost and I found a little metal heart basket. Colleen was able to find her Tim Holtz stamp plus a "FEW" other things and a beautiful quilt. Then it was on to ETC looking for the elusive Tim Holtz stamp organizer case thing. No luck again but managed to find some valentines stuff (yeah go figure as I hate Valentines Day for many reasons) Hoping to join a couple of swaps so thought I mite get a head start on some paper and embellishments. From there we hit Market Square and again found my yellow egg cups. I have five now, some crocheted pot holders and sheet music and old jewelry. Again Ms Colleen scored big with a cool chest with lots of flat drawers to hold her stamps. It is UGLY painted with red, green and various other colored spots. Picture ugly and you have it. She is going to strip the paint to see what is underneath. Hopefully some pretty wood
So that was our day. Lunch late at Wildflower and then Colleen was off to a family dinner. Good day. I have all my purchases put away and am working on a project just to play with Tim Holtz crackle paint.
Need to head to the store as I am out of Diet Pepsi and laundry soap. So guess if I want to get the laundry finished I need to get dressed and head out.
More later
Seak peak of what I am working on. So far so good

Goodies from Mystic Paper and RJ Peddlars

Some of the Market Square stuff

My egg cups

Egg cups on the ledge with the other roosters and egg cups

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Merry

Wow Christmas 2007 rapidly came and went! It was a wonderful, happy, playful, laughing joyous day for me and my small family. TJ was the best and came in Christmas Eve and helped me prepare all the food for our dinner on Christmas Day. That was a big help believe me. It was a bit strange having someone besides me in the house but oh so appreciated. Even "Pedro" aka THE BIRD enjoyed his presence as he got lots of attention and treats.
Our meal Christmas Day was our family tradition, prime rib, augratin potatoes, squash, baked cabbage, breads, and desserts. Jennifer made a great eggnog bread pudding.
After the challenge for the 3 adults of solving their puzzel to find their gifts (of note the 2 youngest members of the family solved, found and opened theirs b4 the "adults" figured theirs out), we ate our huge meal. It was too funny to watch.
Following gifts and a big meal we retired to the kitchen table for games. Now TJ and John are the most competive 2 guys so the rest of us crack up watching them maneuver and try to out wit us. Lots of hollering, laughing and moaning. It was a great day and I am so thankful the kids celebrated with me. So grab a drink settle in and on to the many pics I have of our day.

Quiet before the storm!! This is one of just a few decent pics of my tree with the lights on

Our family pic using the timer. 3 tries to get this one

Anthony working on his math problems. It was so funny watching him solve these using his fingers to count and subtract

Sadera working on hers

Here they are the ADULTS concentrating on solving theirs

The meat cooking

At last dinner

Sadera at the very end of the table

My newest addition from Colleen my Rooster

John and Sadera note she is in to Bobby Jack she really looked cute in her new skirt sweater and jacket

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas is almost here

It is hard to believe that 2007 is almost over and Christmas is rushing in at a breakneck speed. For once "knock on wood" I am ready, gifts are wrapped, food for Christmas dinner is bought and in the refrig or counter top, house is sparkling clean and I am enjoying the few remaining hours in peace. I am so looking forward to Christmas Day with TJ, Jenn, John, Mr Anthony and Sadera. Have lots of plans and hope that they work out. We are having the Bamsey traditional prime rib, augratin potatoes, augratin cabbage, squash and all the other trimmings. And as per tradition we are trying some new recipes from Pioneer Woman Cooks.
I have as of yet to get a decent pic of my tree with all the lights on. I plan to try again tonight! So here is some brief glimpses of Christmas at my house 2007.

Our dinner table set and ready to go just need food

My Mercury glass cake platter I scored at Kohl's 60% off sale. Soon, like this afternoon it will provide the base for one of Colleen's famous rum cakes. I have my new perfume bottles that I received as Christmas gifts from 2 very special friends, sitting on it right now. These bottles are even more beautiful in real life. I even have perfume oil from Saudi Arabia to make my own perfume Too fun>>>>

My collage of Christmas finds. Another mercury piece from Kohl's. Love this stuff, and a beautiful bottle of mica flakes from another good friend. It blends in really well with this grouping

I made small Christmas Trees for placecard settings using glitter (ornaments crushed) Candles are covered in the same glitter. I have many small cuts to prove that this is glass

Another pic of my Mercury glass tree

The BIRD getting into trouble this am. I was trying to sweep the floor and apparently I moved the bag a bit too close to the cage. He took full advantage and proceeded to chew away. Notice the shredded papers in his cage. Daily I deal with him shredding and hiding under them

This year I made word search puzzels and math problems for the family. They have to solve their puzzel or math problem in order to find their gifts

Gifts under the tree with a number or a word on them

So this is a bit of a glimpse of Christmas coming to the Bamsey's. Of course there will be more pics of the actual day. Until then Merry Christmas all

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anthony's Day

Despite a previous nite of tons of rain and wind the big birthday party was still on. Jenn and John again outdid themselves in the wow factor of pulling together a CSI mystery party. "POKEMAN MISSING"
Each boy was sent an invitation in the CSI envelope. Jenn put together little packages of math problems for the boys to solve. When they had completed correctly their math problems they had to decode the numbers into letters and put the letters into words to form the clues. Lots of fun for the boys. After the first set of clues, they moved to the autopsy room for another set of clues. She made a brain mold and put scrabble pieces in the jello. Each boy was then given the "scapel" to dissect a portion of the brain. Let me tell you how much boys enjoy the gory details of cutting up the brain. Once they had that mission accomplished the final clues had to be gotten by rubbing graphite over a card. Each boy had a letter and then it formed the word. Finally they put all the clues together and figured out the dinoseaur had the pokeman cards in his mouth in the closet.
All I can say is 7 boys = high noise level, high energy level

Anthony 7 today!!!

The invitation

Gloves on ready for the autopsy

oops out of order but the cupcakes boys liked the eye

The body

the soon to be disected brain

The culprit the dinoseaur

Ok Anthony's math paper for school. Just had to put a pic of this in. Note not only the correct answer but note how he figured it out. We all cracked up over this Only Anthony. Click on pic to enlarge

Just a bit of Christmas nostaglia my precious reindeer found at Peddlar's Wife Love them

Friday, December 07, 2007

Finally Friday

It is finally Friday and the busy weekend is soon to be here. I am looking forward to breakfast with friends tomorrow am and Anthony's birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Sunday will be catch up day for me. Only 2 classes this week. Yeap a slow week for me.
Last nite was star class with Michelle at Devine Memories. We altered a paper mache star. Now I need to find a place to hang it. I really like my little star.

Wed was our regular Stampin Up club class. We finished up our 2008 calendar project. We altered coasters to make this calendar. It is so cute.

So that is it in a nutshell short and sweet. Hope all have a great weekend. Pics of Anthony's BD will be coming

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

1st project

Well, I am late doing my first project from Theresa's 12 Days of Christmas Class, but it is done. I say done the book is done now to fill it. Our prompts were to make a book to keep track of the gifts we are getting each person on our list. So book done lists not done. I used My Minds Eyes Papers and a Sara Binder I had here at home. Still plan to tweak it with embellishments and of course the "LISTS" More pics when I have it completed.
So now I guess I need to put on my thinking cap and get to the 2nd prompt. Ya I am about 3 days behind. But since it is an online class I can do them in any order and at my leisure. Loving this online class.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cold+Windy+ Rain+ Family= Fun Saturday

We all decided that Saturday would be a family outing for fun. Unfortunately Jen's husband John (aka Daddy John) wasn't able to join us due to playing in his band in Glendale. I woke up to cold wet windy rainy cloudy weather. Yuck. I was glad our outing was planned for indoors. So once all the troops arrived, (and let it be known that Jen and the kids were at my house on time!!! TJ not on time!!!)we headed to Wildflower for breakfast. A good way to start our adventure!
Following breakfast it was to our destination Bass Outdoor World or something like that. It is a huge huge sportsman outdoor store. The neatest thing was the water features and all the "stuffed" animals. We did have fun walking around seing the biggest Margarita machine we have ever seen, big big big BBQ and of course guns guns guns, fishing poles etc. We ate at the resturant and doubt we will go back there again. Food not so good. After that adventure we headed back to my house and the kids big and little decorated the wooden ornaments I had purchased at DM Boutique on Friday. To say my house looked like a sea of glitter is not exagerated. But we had a ball.

Sadera painting her ornament before all the glitter is added

Anthony working on his

Still painting

After the kids finished painting, blinging and glittering their ornaments Jenn and I worked on Christmas cards using the Basic Grey card kit. We had lots of laughs as oops sometimes we proceeded ahead without reading the directions and that got us in a bit of a spot

Sadera sporting her new hat I bought from Kim's Mom. She now wants black, white and purple ones. Need to talk to Kim

Anthony and Sadera at the falls and yes I missed correcting Sadera's red eye oops

Alligator, conch fritters, and shrimp. Sadera's finger is pointing to the alligator

Sadera eating the alligator not Anthony wouldn't try it. It is very tough!!!

Picture looking down from the second level

Sadera at the target range. Note her excellent technique

Anthony shooting

Uncle TJ helping them out

Worlds biggest BBQ

Another pic

Great day spent with family. Everyone had a ball and was exhausted. So today it is sunny and dry what is up with that???