Monday, January 28, 2008


Well another Monday is all wrapped up. It was a kind of busy day, but I made progress. Back to making hospital rounds so I at least feel like I know a little of what is going on. Office patients taken care of and paper work for the month completed. Almost time to start all over again. January certainly flew by quickly. Everyday I get a bit stronger and since the new PURPLE cast on Friday I feel a whole lot better.

Saturday Colleen picked me up and we headed over to DM to take a class from Beth Quinn. What a sweetie she is and oh so talented. There were just 3 of us but we had a ball and finished up a really neat project. A "HOUSE" canvas. Learned to dry brush in a new way and with a little patience it turned out great, Following class I was able to catch up with Mel and Nancy and then Colleen and I headed over to Paper Vineyard a new scrapbook store in Chandler. What a huge store. She told us there was almost 4000 sq feet and it is big. They are still getting their inventory out so not a whole lot out yet but what she had was very nice and displayed uniquely. I guess the display cabinet when you walk in was one of my favorites, the crop room with the beautiful drapes, the kitchen wow loved the glass table and how it was decorated, and the best the "CHRISTMAS ROOM" wow what a beautiful room. It is good to know that there is finally a scrapbook store open on Sunday when you need that one last sheet of paper to finish a project.

Sunday Sadera and Jenn came to help Grandma clean. They have my house pretty much decluttered and back to pre=Christmas. Loving my free open spaces again. And to top it off they went and picked up groceries as I wasn't allowed out in the rain with crutches.

So hopefully I will continue to gain back my strength and stamina as Colleen and I have a much long awaited soldering class on Sat. This should be interesting with Colleen

My attempt at the house canvas

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good 2nd week

My second week post surgery is done. Truthfully I can't believe I made it all 5 days at work. I had lots of help and pampering so it was a pretty good week. Now next week I need to kick it in gear and get more accomplished, but I am pleased with how much I did get done
Friday was my follow-up with the ortho surgeon. X-rays look good, well to him to me it looks like a jumble of wires and screws from this surgery and the last knee surgery. Cast was replaced and I have a beautiful purple cast. Sadera will love it as purple is her favorite color. 3 more weeks in this cast and then the magical day of Feb 15 cast off and into a brace. Yahoo freedom from the bulky cast. Thanks to my SO I have new warm socks and have been totally taken care of at work with a reclining chair and the use of his laptop. TJ and Jenn have helped beyond belief so I am so counting my blessings
Colleen has been at my beck and call hauling me to classes, feeding me and keeping my spirits up,Mom, Da, and my sister keep tabs on me via phone and Kim's emails and Aliya stories keep me laughing. So to all of you a big big thanks

Last Sat the 19th Colleen hauled me to Melrose and we took a fun class with Candice Carpenter. It was good to be out and visiting.
Wed nite poor Colleen hauled me to Jan's for a Stampin up class again fun fun and good to get out

Finished my tags with slight difficulty and got them sent to Heather for a Valentine Tag swap. I can't wait to get the tag book back

Today is class at Devine Memories with Beth Quinn. Another class I am looking forward to and then of course a Starbucks. Poor Colleen is hauling me there too. I am so thankful she is willing to haul me around and get me out for fresh air
Tag for valentine swap

Much anticipated monthly kit from Carol Wingert. Love this kit!!!

My new purple cast

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday nite entertainment

Jenn and the kids came over to feed water and entertain "Grandma" Anthony was disappointed that I was still HURT. But they had fun with my markers signing my cast. While I laid propped up on the couch they managed to take out the garbage, sweep the floors, feed the animals and generally pamper me. It was so appreciated. Jenn and I got to catch up while the kids played cards and Jenn took quite a few pics of all of us

My original signed art work on my cast

Bruised ankle that has been almost as painful as my knee

Sadera reading

Anthony in Uncle TJ swim trunks till his jeans dried!!!! Don't ask

So today is supposed to be my much anticipated class at Melrose with Candice Carpenter. As of right now Colleen will pick me up and settle me in and we will see how it goes. We are meeting Kim so we should all be able to get caught up as we haven't see one another in a long time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quick Update

I am back!! Surgery Monday went according to plan, or so I am told. My left knee cap is pinned and wired back together and I am in a large bulky clumsey cast. Getting back into the groove of crutches again. Monday was pretty much of a haze and Tuesday was a painful day. Now I feel like I am on the road to gaining a small amount of strength back and getting a little more back to normal. Believe it or not I took the whole week off of work. My staff is truely surprised as is my son and daughter. Monday I plan to be back to work.
A special thanks to everyone for the phone calls, emails and visits. You have all boosted my spirits. So my POD has kind of taken a back seat but hopefully I will get back to it this weekend or next week.

Peggy arrived Tuesday with flowers and soup and bread from my favorite place. That cheered me up immensely

Bad pic of my huge cast. Maybe Jenn can get a better one

Hope everyone has a good weekend and I will fill ya in next week

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More POD photos & update

Well this has been a week that I am glad is over with. I am doing well and trying very hard to keep a positive attitude that everything will turn out fine. I have surgery tomorrow morning to repair my fractured left patella. Obviously am so not looking forward to this. Jenn and TJ will be with me and I am so fortunate to have them. Surgery is outpatient and I should be going home after I wake up. Back to the couch. I am beginning to despise my couch.
Haven't been very good about getting my Pic of the Day posted so here are some of them that I have been snapping away as I lay on the couch or sit for brief periods of time on my computer. A special thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers all of you have sent via email and phone. It is greatly appreciated and lifts my spirits. Colleen has stopped and brought me goodies the past few days and cheered me up immensley. Thanks for my Starbucks yesterday Colleen.

My sisters birthday is Tuesday so Happy Birthday Jo. I hope you have a great day celebrating.

This is my beautiful leg turning all sorts of beautiful blue colors. Gross huh?? I am sure it will look nastier after Monday but hey wait it will be in a cast so I can ignoreit ya right

Sadera and Jenn came over yesterday and took me to get groceries and a few things to get me ready for surgery on Monday. Sadera was a huge help despite a very rude old lady that just ran into her with her cart. People can be so RUDE. After we got home Jenn started in finishing the laundry, cleaning the bird cage and feeding PEDRO who tried to escape. Clue Jenn don't leave the door to feed him open!!! Poor Sadera was having an anxiety attack screaming for Jenn to hurry up. Gave me a good laugh and ticked the bird off to no end that his escape was thwarted. Sadrea after unloading groceries tea-dyed my dollies for my valentine tag swap. She did an awesome job. Then I gave her the ultimate prize and let her play with my cricut. She loves the cricut. Below is a card she made me with the Cricut.

This is me Friday in a fog and black mood wondering how on earth I managed to do this to my leg

Just surfing the internet. My new favorite quiet easy to do pass-time while being restricted to crutches

So if all goes as I plan I should be back to a somewhat normal state on Tuesday and hopefully back to work soon. I am BORED staying here at home as I am very limited to entertaining myself thanks to my crutches and being unable to put weight on my left leg. I always stand to scrapbook so it is so alien to me to sit with leg elevated to do this, but ya I am getting a few things done.
Update post surgery

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pic of the day "OUCH"

So my pic of today is of my left knee with a broken knee cap. Yeap graceful me managed to somehow fall and dislocate and break my knee cap yesterday. Pretty isn't it. So I am on the couch with leg elevated bored and dozing off and on. Exciting day for me. Hope to be back at work tomorrow??? I have had great support from my boss, family and friends so all is good and all is well. As Anthony said that is gross grandma
More later

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Word for the Year

I have been struggling to find a word for this year. Finally I think I came up with my word. "PEACE" I need peace and tranquility in my life. Peace with myself and peace with all those around me (people, places and things) My intent is to cultivate that peace through my hobby, reading,friends & family, music and communing with nature. Yeap that is the word at least for now.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

This has been another really short weekend and I look at the clock and it is already 4pm. Where did my weekend go?? I guess "plumbing" problems again have taken up most of my time. Again I thought I had the Problem fixed but doing a load of laundry this am proved to be a not great idea. So off I went to the store for the Main Line Drain stuff and now am patiently waiting for the magic to happen. Not using water today is getting old real fast. So in lieu of no laundry, dishes etc I have been playing all day. Had some great classes this week and needed to finish them up. Accomplished the few last details on all of them, so I am happy about that.

I decided with the New Year to participate in some more swaps and online classes. So far they are so much fun and really letting me create. Stimulates my old brain cells Ha!

One of the two swaps I managed to get signed up for is a Valentine Tag swap over at Speckled Egg. Heather was the hostess of the dress swap I participated in so am totally excited about this one. I have paper and ribbon and lace purchased and am trying to get my idea translanted to the tag. Not working yet. I need to make 21 tags and have to Heather by the 29th of Jan. So I need to get busy.

The other swap is an Easter Swap that Heather at Bluhm Studios is hosting in March and that should be alot of fun to.

Then I joined Teresa McFaydens Winter Bella. I love these online projects. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday she puts up a new project. Our 1st project was using a Bingo card. Finished mine up and need to get it loaded to the Flickr site with the rest of the participants have theirs displayed. It is interesting to see how we all have a different twist to the project.. It was a fun project and I used colors I don't normally use. I am more of earth tones as most of my friends know so shades of pinks are not something I normally work with. I like how it turned out so all is good.

My altered Bingo card

Saturday Michelle had a run through of her class she is teaching at CK. I was asked to participate and we completed a CREATE banner. I finished putting it together this am. Well twice I put it together as I forgot the "T" so had to take it apart and add the missing letter. Oh duh

Thursady was Kim's class at Devine Memories. We completed 4 Christmas layouts. Loved all 4 of them and she used some non-traditional Christmas colors that I loved.

And Wednesday nite was our regular Stampin Up clas at Jan's. It was just the 4 of us and we had a good time laughing, talking and stamping. We made 2 cards and a post it note holder

So I have a roast, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and it is smelling pretty good. Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll check in later.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing all my family and friends a Happy New Year full of dreams that are fulfilled, health and happiness