Friday, May 30, 2008

Short week

Well this has been a short week of work with having Monday off. That extra day makes a big difference that is for sure. So here it is Friday again and another long weekend for me. I have Monday off again. Going to be taking an administrative day and work from home. Guess we will see how great my computer tech skills are and if I can get on my computer at work from home. TJ and the Doc have given me instructions so we will see. If not I can be creative:)
Not too much to report it was a pretty quiet week. We seem to be getting lots of new patients so that is good for us bad for them. I am sure going on dialysis was not in their whole scheme of future plans.
My knee rehab progresses and we seem to step it up a notch every week. Along with the weight training. oh ya and my complaining!!!! Wednesday was outside for knee rehab. Can I just say it was pretty hot out there in the sun??? But I attempted to run (I am sure that was a funny site)jump up and down off the curb didn't happen and many other wonderful exercise. Loved it!!

I have been working on one of Carol Wingert's monthly kits and have it completed. This is the kit that Kim made the wooden easels for. It was really fun putting this one together well all of them have been great. The kits are packed full of goodies to complete each project and each one is different. I am thinking of sending this off to my sister (who by the way I haven't heard from in over a week) so she can put her beach pics in it. Below are some of the pics of the album.

Finally finished up a board to display the tags from the swap I hosted. I have it hanging in my scrap room. Not real pleased with the background paper so may switch it out. I thought it was going to be neutral enough but the tags are not showing up very well. I need to try some different papers and see if I can make them pop out a bit more

So another road trip is planned to 7th Ave tomorrow. Colleen put some things on hold and we are planning on driving up to pick them up. Melrose is supposed to be open so Bet we stop in there too
Working on details for the next tag swap and will post them this weekend
Hope everyone has a great weekend you to dear SISTER

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a fun day

EDITED****** 5/25/08
Check out Kim's blog for her exciting news. She will be teaching at Mystic Paper in the very near future wahoo. Can't wait for her first class. Colleen and I helped her celebrate as only we can by shopping away the day.
It has been so hard to be quiet until she could announce it but as I said we are thrilled to pieces as this will be such a good fit for Kim. CONGRATS Kim!!!!

This has been a day of exploring, seeking and finding hidden treasures in many many thrift stores on 7th Ave in Phoenix. Despite the clouds and sometimes a drizzle we had a great day.
Colleen picked me up and to Starbucks for our addiction we headed. We relaxed over our favorite beverages and a blueberry oat bar for me. Kim from Mystic Paper had let Colleen know that the rest of Tim Holtz metal embellishments had arrived, so off we headed to pick those up. We arrived early and had the store to ourselves for a few minutes. Met Kim H as planned minus Ms Aliya, who decided to stay home with Kelsey. After a brief shopping expedition and visit with Kim, Ellen and Rick it was off for our planned day of treasure hunting.

I think I have all I need now:)

Our first destination was Melrose and as our luck would have it it was closed Bummers. Luckily Home Again is close by so this is where the adventure began. I picked up the flyer and after finishing up our shopping which by the way Kim and Colleen totally outdid me we headed to Flos and Rust and Roses

as you can see lots of places to shop!!!

Home Again
Since Melrose was not opened we started our adventure here. This is one of my favorites on 7th Ave. Always clean and lots of good finds
Beautiful hankies

Gorgeous placemats well that is what I am using them for

the box, not sure what I will put in here but I had to have it

This small little Mexican restaurant came highly recommended from the staff of Flos another thrift store. They were right it was really really good food. The water not so good but the rest was great

White Dove Thrift Shop
Store is run by Valley of the Hospice. It is really a beautiful store and near and dear to Colleen and my hearts as our friend Michelle was in Hospice before she passed away. We still think of her often.
This little sweetie is destined to have her legs and arms removed for an altered art project :)

This is the loot from a little store in a strip mall called Mixture. Vintage button cards, sewing kits and a 5th grade history book plus a piece of jewelry. We really had to dig to find our treasures in this store as it was crammed to the ceiling but oh what fun

Close up of my 2 favorite vintage button cards

Paris Envy
The softest t-shirt ever and of course no matter how I tried I can't get the writing that is raised to show. Anyhow I bought it to wear under my dress

The dress love this dress again it is so soft and I hope it will be cool this summer

One more thrift store and then we were exhausted and so to Colleen's favorite place Starbucks to get revived and then it was home. All 3 of us decided it was a super day no worries or cares just digging through junk, lots of laughs and good old heartfelt discussions on anything yo can think of. Thanks Colleen and Kim what a fun day with great friends. Be sure and check Kim's blog to see her finds. She has some wonderful things. Maybe because she looks down and we don't huh Colleen:)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update on tag swap

here are all the nursery rhyme tags from the tag swap. They have all been mailed and I had so much fun hosting this swap. The tags were all so unique and beautiful.
Stay tuned for another tag swap as I have had several requests to host another one. I do have a few ideas mulling around in my brain.
Than you to Carol R, Heidi W, MaijaL, Susan M, Suzanne B, Colleen J, Kim H,Cheryl S, Rebecca G for participating.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Day

****WARNING**** Long post
So today started as Colleen would say at 0 dark thirty. Colleen picked me up at 6:30 and off to the Merchant Square Flea Market and sale we went. Of course with Starbucks in hand. We actually got there at 7am when it opened. Parking was not too bad. But the flea market was in the parking lot and by 7:30 am it was hot in the sun. Kim joined us mid way through Colleen and mine meanderings through the booths. I think the first 3 booths Colleen had spent her money. She found some unique stuff including a beautiful rhinestone bracelet, bird cage and on and on. Me being on the more conservative side saw lots I wanted but alas there is no room for more benches, wall hangings and such. I managed to find some unique old jars, a beautiful meat tray, and I scored on some jewelry in a satin pink box. Also found a beautiful vintage camisole. My most exciting find was the bell jar cover and metal plate. Love it.
About 9:30 we bid Kim goodbye and headed to Mystic Paper for our class with Josie. Colleen had decorated my place and chair. What fun. My chair had a beautiful green cotton towel with lace, brown satin and teal tulle. It was so pretty. And setting on the table was my little birdcage that I had wanted and supposedly was sold out huh Colleen?? with some unique tags. Loved it all.
Josie's class was soldered book using glass and transparencies. As usual it was a great class. Sue M was there and we were able to get caught up on all the classes she has been taking. As part of my birthday Colleen had purchased Josie's new book and of course had Josie sign it. It is a beautiful book.
Following class I was serenaded with Happy Birthday and Colleen served the famous Better Than Sex Cake. It was scrumptious. It was a great day and ended with dinner at the Wildflower as we had not eaten breakfast or lunch so we were starved!!!
Thanks Colleen for making it such a special day

The towel on my chair. It goes perfect in my kitchen

These are the goodies that were at my place at Mystic Paper

Pink satin box and 2 sets of pearls and a pearl collar

The meat platter and the 2 jars one with a wooden lid plus the not/receipt holder thingy

My beautiful bell jar and silver plate

This beautiful box was from Sue M and had the sweetest little white bird in it . Thanks Sue

My place on the table

Sue and the rest of the class

Colleen and the other 1/2

Josie and one of the gals with her book

All of our finished books

My book

and finally the cake the delicious sinful "no calorie" cake

So if you made it through this post you deserve a pat on the back. It was a great day of shopping, great class and hanging with Kim and Sue M. As usual Colleen outdid herself. so I am officially exhausted and going to relax. Have a great weekend all

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday TJ

Happy Birthday TJ!!! You are the best son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandson and friend any one could ask for. We all love you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Love ya MOM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

What a wonderful day this has been. Actually it has been such a good weekend all around. From my previous posts I think you all know I bought myself a new camera and from previous posts everyone knows how much I love it. Well now my kids love it too. I took many pics and so did Jenn and TJ unfortunately TJ eliminated all the pics of himself. So the following pics are mainly ones Jenn and TJ took. We all met at the Elephant Bar for lunch and to celebrate all of our birthdays and Mother's Day.
Sadera and Anthony were exhausted from the sleepover on Sat for Sadera's birthday party.
Good good food, great desserts and lots of conversations. Following lunch we all trooped over to REI 3rd time this weekend for me and came out empty handed. TJ and I came home and he fixed my leaky shower faucet after a brief trip to Home Depot. Now I am kicking back and looking at all these pictures I have snapped. Great weekend!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!

Lobby area of the Elephant Bar

Anthony who was "starving"




TJ gave me a new keyboard and a tripod for my new camera and Jenn a new camera bag

Beautiful tulips from Sadera and Anthony with their new school pics. I will scan in and put up later

the "BIRD" click on the pic to see all the fine details of his colors. TJ took this pic

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Busy Saturday

Wow what a busy busy day!!!! My day started at 9 am with a Starbucks and lemon pound cake with Colleen. From there we headed to downtown Mesa for the open house of Blissful Living at Domestic Bliss. Man we ran in to a ton of people we knew from Judy in Carfree, Cindy Bateman, Beth Quinn, Kim and Aliya and the list goes on and on. Somehow we missed Maija. It was interesting to see the classes that were being offered. Prior to our stop at Domestic Bliss we had to get us some new Art Prima Flowers from Mystic Paper. I am so loving these flowers. And they are relatively hard to find so I grabbed 4 yes you read that right 4 containers of them as well as a couple of new Crafty Secrets stamps.

Colleen and I headed to Sweetcakes for some yummy chicken salad on honey wheat bread (sorry Kim C and Cheryl S as I know it is your favorite). Unfortunately Kim and Aliya had prior engagements and couldn't join us. We did get to meet long enough for her to give me my wonderful BD gift Vintage perfume bottles. I love them!!! and to give us our "extra hands" we had ordered for soldering. Believe me I need these.
Lets see then it was on to the "Paper Studio" and again Colleen found tons to buy and well ya so did I although not tons.
Then back to REI so Colleen could buy some Crocs like mine. Well she didn't end up with Crocs but a really neat pair of shoes and I ended up with new clothes. I think I really like this new adventure of REI

From there it was to Chandler Mall. Can I just say it was packed!!! We went to Barnes and Noble for Barbara Walters new book for Colleen and Home Companion for me. A quick stop at Starbuck's in Barnes and Noble and then home. Yeap long fun day

Tomorrow is the Elephant Bar to celebrate Sadera, TJ and my birthdays plus Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day to evryone
Enjoy the pictures as I learn how to manipulate my new camera. I love my new camera

Prima flowers can't wait to use them

My extra hands these are too funny

Starbuck's Passion lemonade great way to end the day

My newest additions to my perfume bottle collection. Thanks Kim!

Friday, May 09, 2008


So I stayed home and took a day of R&R from work, got up and had my coffee while I made my list for errands today. Had my list all neatly organized and made out and out I went. Mailed off the Birds & Bonnets swap, and headed to Target for printer ink, new keyboard, air filter and a few other little things. I found the ink, and as I walked by the camera department I also found something I had been looking for for a long time. Yeap my list went out the window and I came home with this. I am so in love with this little beauty. I could hardly wait for the battery to charge.

Well the battery is charged and I have been playing with my new camera ever since. I have over 50 pictures of nothing literally nothing. So I did remember to get the air filter and forgot the rest in my excitement. Luckily my keyboard is hanging in there despite the coffee I spilled on it this am. Yes TJ I again spilled liquid on my keyboard. I know don't drink coffee over the keyboard.

Colleen stopped by to see if I wanted to make a fast trip to REI with her. Of course I did. She loved my new camera and we were cracking up laughing that she went to the Mercedes dealer for a new cup holder for her car and left with a new Mercedes, I go for an air filter and come home with a new camera. Difference is I don't have monthly payments :)
She bought water shoes for the pool and sandals and as for me, I found 3 pair of crocs. Love them. We stopped for a quick sandwich at Wildflower and now I am home playing with my camera. Below are my new crocs courtesy of my new camera.

Tomorrow is a quiet day off to an open house in Mesa and that is about it.
Sunday is family dinner at the Elephant Bar.
Have a good one

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Celebrate! Celebrate!

Tuesday was my birthday. I have kept pretty quiet about it as I was not exactly too thrilled to be turning another year older. The years seem to be rushing by very quickly and I am not quite ready to face the older ones yet.
My staff at work made it a very special day as did my son. There were lots of beautiful flowers and the most delicious bundt cake from "Nothing Bundt Cakes" It was a chocolate chocolate chip cake and it was too die for. After I arrived home from work Colleen and Beth took me out to dinner and we had a wonderful meal and visit at the Wildflower. A good day!!

Imagine my surprise when this huge bouquet of the most beautiful flowers was brought to my office. These were from TJ, my son. They smell devine and I love just sitting at my desk looking at them.

Flowers from the staff that came with the cake. Again such pretty flowers

And this little potted rose with the deepest red minature roses. As you can see I was spoiled

Beth made this stunning mask for me. I love it and when I get my bedroom done in teals and browns I see this on the wall.

Beautiful blouse from Colleen to wear with my new very bright green capris. The rolled document is a class with Josie that Colleen gave me on the 17th.

My hibiscus I planted is finally blooming Yeah!!!! Guess we will see how long it lasts. I have a beautiful yellow one too but missed its lone bloom

Another swap finished and ready to mail. I joined the Birds & Bonnets Vintage Swap and made 4 bird and 4 women panels. They are ready to be mailed out tomorrow

So it was a good week and I am looking forward to a relaxing quiet weekend.