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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Dad and Mom will be celebrating their 64th Wedding Anniversary on June 29th.

(Don Struchen and Audrey Hoff were united in marriage on June 29, 1947 at the First Methodist Church in Sac City. They have resided in Early for the past 60 years and are active members of the First Presbyterian Church in Early. Don is retired after 47 years at Iowa Automatic Gas Company and Farm Service. He also served on the Early Fire Department for 50 years. Audrey worked in Chicago before becoming a homemaker. They have four children, Sherry Bamsey, Jo Helmers, Steve (Kate) Struchen, and Scott Struchen. They are also blessed with nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren soon to be 5 great grandchildren with the upcoming birth of Zach and Amy's twins in Aug.)

We wish you a wonderful day of celebrating and many more years to enjoy each other

Random Sunday Things

It has been a lazy kind of day. I am enjoying no have tos! I did make it out earlier for the bike ride and it was much cooler and a much more pleasant ride. No little creatures in the canal today.
After the ride it was get groceries and then home where I have not been too productive.
So here are a few of my favorites today:
New to me from Trader Joe's. These are almost better than my addictive Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. The salt caramel and dark chocolate are so good together

A memory from Iowa peonies. They smell so good. Loving them

My impulse purchase at Target yesterday. 1st batch was none too good. Second batch much improved

My new glass from where else Starbucks. It was filled with a skinny iced caramel macchiato. I made pretty quick work of that. Good thing I only go to Starbuck's on weekends.

I finished up my album from Carol's class last weekend. I even have pics in it. I think this is my favorite of all the heirloom albums so far. I say that until the next…

Happy Father's Day Dad

You may have thought I didn't see,
Or that I hadn't heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.
Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we'd grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It's written on my heart.
Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be
The woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.
I've grown up with your values,
And I'm very glad I did;
So here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.
By Joanna Fuchs

Catching Up

It has been a crazy busy 2 weeks. Colleen flew in on the 10th for our class with Carol. I picked her up at the airport with Jan's help and off we went to Starbuck's of course. After dropping Jan back at home Colleen and I drove to Scottsdale to Frenzy Scrapper for a class with Sharon as a pre Carol event. Saturday was Carol's event and we learned many new techniques were wowed with our kit and treated to the yummiest meals. It was a very busy but fun weekend.

This week was the Baby shower for my Dietician Amanda. I will do another post with those photos and again a fun day

Below are photos of the weekend. Let's hope I can get it together to blog more frequently than once a month:)

My cover of my album not quite done at this point but is now completed just waiting for pics to be put in it

I purchased this galvanized mail center at Carol's flea. The mesh door opens and has hooks for keys. Not sure if I will leave it this way or alter it. I guess time will tell