Sunday, March 25, 2007

Done at least for today

Finally I'm done in my room. It is clean, mopped and a lot better organized than it was. I can't finish the other 3 walls until I find wall paper but at least a very big job is completed. Here are some before and after photos.
My tables prior to purging, organizing and cleaning. Everything kind of ended up on the tables while I was organizing the book case
Wall that the book case is on. Prior to painting.

Clean table. Organized!!!!

All my stamps are now in the wire baskets by theme. Well I'll qualify that most of my stamps. The Christmas stamps aren't in there. Just need to get labels for the drawers

And the book case filled with all my stuff. Probably this will be organized many times before I finally get it right for me to use efficiently but it is done!!
I even mamaged to sweep and clean living room and kitchen and the floors are all mopped! Now on to laundry oh yeah

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sneak Peak

Today was the day!! I finally said no more I need to get my scrap room organized. I started at 6 this am and sorted, threw away and gave away alot of stuff. I'm sure my daughter's husband John appreciates all the wonderful new toys, papers, pens and glue he is now the proud owner of hee hee.
Anyway, I painted my one wall whiskey barrel and painted it so that it looked pretty shabby old. My idea for the room will progress in sections. Jenn and Sadera came over and we headed to Ikea and I found my book shelf. With a bit of pushing shoving we managed to get it in to the Element. Came home unloaded and met Anthony and John for lunch. Then to Home Depot for wall paper. Guess what they don't sell wallpaper. Bummers/ So a quick stop at walmart and we were once again home. The book shelf went together surprisingly easy till we had to put the last side on. We struggled quite awhile but we mastered it and moved this heavey thing into my room. OOPS we put the one side on wrong way so the wall mount is at the botom instead of the top. Jenn and I looked at each other and said oops noway are we taking that side off. TJ will need to come up with an idea for securing to the wall. Actually with all the stuff that is already on it it is not moving. I love it and am filling it up fast. So what you see below is a sneak peak. The rest of the room, kitchen, and living room are total diasters!!!! More work tomorrow is awaiting me

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Nite Virtual Crop

8PM challenge we were to journal in a shape. I used the flowers and journaled descriptions of us 7 PM challenge was to use 4 patterened papers from different manufacturers. This is what I came up with

Here is the 6 pm challenge. Use a song title as a title on your page. I used Faith Hill's 'Wish For You" as my title with the Hambly transparency. Thanks Mel as I was trying to come up with a way to use this transparency and this worked for me. I also used the ghost butterflies that I painted and the alphabet I painted from Heidi Swapp

5 PM challenge for Devine Memories Virtual Crop. Our challenge was to use our stash of stickers to create a collage. This was a challenge as I have gotten rid of most of my stickers, I found fter digging these Creative Imagination word stickers and some friendship stickers which fir this picture perfectly. This pic is of our Stampi Up Club group. We have bonded and have so much fun at classes

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jan's Class

Wednesday nite was our class at Jan's house. We had such a great visit with Michelle and her daughter Rebecca. Waiting for the pics Ellen!!!
Jan out did herself in planing this class. We had 3 projects a journal, an altered clothes pin and altered paper clips. Kept us hopping.
Below is the journal that we inked with craft ink, punched one million petals for the flower and punched 5 pages of holes for the inserts. I had blisters on my thumb from all the punching well not really.
Clothes pin we covered with paper and added embellishments.
Not finished with my clips yet but you get a glimpse of them in the corner of the pic

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Altered Art Book

I worked all weekend, well between classes, on Laurie's book. Her theme is symbols. 1st layout was Owls.

2nd layout I used butterflies. Lots of glitter on the page and all over my scraproom!

3rd layout was the flag

Now I can relax until April 1st and our meeting

Spring, Bling and Classes

As usual this has been a busy week. I over extended (me you say??) and signed up for 4 classes this week. Loved each one of them and learned new techniques in each one of them but today I'm tired. For the most part I have completed all the projects and need to put pictures on the layouts.
Spring has finally arrived and I'm hoping that as the days go on my plant life will continue to recover from the freeze. I'm trying really hard to be patient and not prune all the dead stuff off as the experts have said be patient. Patience is not one of my many virtues! below is my blooming vine. It survived and is so pretty. Friday was a soldering class in Phoenix and before class Colleen and I went shopping. Surprise us shopping!!! I seem to be into B-L-I-N-G so below are my newest bling finds. A bracelet and watch with tons of bling.

Thursday was class with Michelle, continuing our book of me. This month was likes and dislikes Here is the page of likes

Tuesday was "Follow the Leader with Michelle and Kim at Devine Memories". I have to get a pic and journaling on Michelle's which was working with clay. Anthony loves it so all is good. Kim's class was weaving and this picture of Sadera was perfect for this layout.

Friday was soldering class at Lucky 15. Not a good pic but ya get the general idea. I have lots of practice ahead to master this technique

Saturday we were back to Devine Memories and Amy's class with chipboard. I learned lots of new techniques of using chipboard and have some great embellishments and 2 very unique layouts.

So today is my day of kick back and chill. Just a few things like laundry, clean the house and yeap work on the pool. Hope everyone has had a great week and I'm looking forward to INVESTING in a new week

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend updates

Ok Mom and Dad the favors for Kolby's dinner are done and will be in the mail tomorrow. Hope you like. Pic is blurry why I haven't a clue. I guess my great photography skills.

Been a busy weekend shopping with Colleen, Kim, and Aliya yesterday. We missed you Michelle!!!! and hope you are feeling better!!! Aliya outlasted us all. I was dragging and she kepy saying lets go to another store Too cute
Weather is perfect so I need to get out and pay attention to my pool and yard today later

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Altered Art Book

I finished my AA Book on Thursday nite . Yeah for once I'm not scrambling to get it done on time. Our meeting is tomorrow so I'm feeling pretty good. My book this go around is Momisms. Those little sayings we all grew up with. Below is the completed introduction, sign in page and my 3 layouts. It was a bit of a struggle this time as I haven't been doing altered art regularly. I will soon be back into it though.
Introduction to my book
House opened

I painted all the sign in pages the same color and used lace to tie them together. Each person will embellish their envelope and attach to the page with a sign in card

1st layout

2nd layout

3rd layout

Took Michelle's altered door class today at DM still working on it so will get pics up when it is done. This one is for my kitchen