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Good and Bad Times

Another long stretch and no blogging. I guess I must be getting lazy! Really not much new going on these days.
Work has been going smoothly. Vaccinating staff and patients with the regular flu vaccine. We are not considered high priority so no H1N1 vaccine is available as of yet. I am in queue whatever that means for a shipment sometime in October thru December. Oh yeah!!!!
I brought in Mexican Thursday for the administrative staff and we all had lunch together. It was good to sit and visit with everyone.

Now lets discuss Friday. A day from HELL. I awakened to my alarm and sleepily stumbled out to get a cup of coffee. Oh and what greeted me was a flooded kitchen, laundry room and part way into the living room. I knew exactly where the leak was. The culprit was the laundry room. So out I go in my PJ’s in 50-degree weather to see the water running down my driveway. Tried to shut off the main water to the house unsuccessfully and then waded through water to the area where a …
My goodness it has been a long dry spell since I last blogged. No real reason just not a whole lot to say these days. Life remains busy and nothing too exciting just the work, laundry, clean house and play a bit routine. I am still looking forward to cooler temperatures. We had a week of 80's and that was such a tease as it is now back in the 100's this weekend.

My daughter Jenn is doing a major renovation in her bathroom and has kept all of us thoroughly entertained with her Dear Diary posts. Jenn and kids stopped by Wednesday for showers as they were in desperate need of them. Anthony had the best line when he got out of the shower "my feet feel so clean!" He was quite the happy camper to have clean feet!

Other than that excitement it was a boring week here. I am finally maybe over whatever bug I picked up and am able to do a bit more. It sucked not having any energy at all. I basically laid or sat for 2 weeks. Glad to have it hopefully gone.

Yesterday was…