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50 baby shower invitations are done wahoo. flowers are also made

I spent the entire day making baby shower invitations for one of my employee's siter's baby shower. It was fun.


The completed hallway. Color of the walls is actually darker than these pics

Tile is laid. Need to put in the baseboards. Love the new tile. You can just get a peak of the total diaster on the livingroom wall

Painting is done in the hallway "Mayan Gold"paint. Pictures are hung

White walls ugly brown carpet. The b4 picOne project completed. Need to do some touch up painting in the hall and put in the baseboards. Living room painting is a big oops and I won't even share the pics with ya. Tomorrow I will head to Home Depot and find a better color for the living room. At least I hope that painting will not be as frustrating as the hallway.Despite being very sore and tired I love the new paint and tile. Thanks TJ for helping.Off to relax and recuperate.

Still working

My blogger is giving me fits today as it doesn't want to upload my pics. I know it couldn't be me. Well it is Sunday and I'm still working on the kitchen. I emptied everything off my oak cart (Dad built this) oiled it down and moved it into the living room. It works great for an extra lamp and a place for pictures and my antique perfume bottle collection.

OK, now these stools are not RED. They are actually a cranberry color. Oh well I still haven't figued out why the pics are turning out a different color on blogger. My kitchen theme is French Country so am trying to pull in the greens, yellows and instead of red I wanted a cranberry color. I decided to try painting the stools instead of getting new ones at least for a bit.

Cupboards are back together. Getting used to the new colors
Pics are from walmart and I bought plain unfinished wood frames and dry brushed the green on them. I'm actually pleased with how these turned out. I even used my new paint conta…

Great Saturday

Surprise RAK package from Rusty Pickle. When Gina (from Rusty Pickle) taught at Devine Memories she took all of our names and addresses and told us that once a month Rusty Pickle does a RAK. Imagine my surprise when I got home last night and this awaited me. 22 double sided patterned papers and 4 sheets of coordinating stickers. Yippee I'm in heaven.

Michelle's designed layout from class yesterday. Watercolor painting. Another new technique to add to my ever growing list. Colleen and I were talking that we have learned so many new things in each class we have taken. Fun stuff! Fun painting!
Kim's class was bling!!!!! and painting. Again we learned new stuff fun fun. Love the bling. I already have a perfect picture in mind for this
While Colleen completed her 20 pages from a previous class I worked on the 6 kits from the Follow the Leader Class. We had a great day. Jenn met Colleen and I and we took her to lunch, then back to DM to scrapbook till 6:30. Long b…

It's a mess!!!

Well today is the day. I finally decided enough is enough and I need to get busy and get started on the painting. I decided to paint the kitchen cupboards. Well this is turning into a bigger job than I had anticipated. I picked an oliveish type green and a buttery yellow for the cupboards. Here is a selctive picture so far. Notice I say selective as I am not showing you the bigger mess. In the process of painting I'm also cleaning out the drawers and cupboards. Yeap just like me jump in and create a big mess. The colors are wonky on here and don't look true but you get the idea. Home Depot has everything ha ha I found the tile for the 2nd bedroom and hallway and that is pretty true to color. so break is over and back to painting cupboards it is so fun!!!

Thursday class Project

Thursday nite class at DM with Michelle. We did wall art and made the wall board. I think this is one of my favorites of all the classes, but I do like them all. Putting the finishing touches on it. Got the picture mounted and it isn't crooked although the pic makes it look like that. Now to get it hung on the wall.

It finally arrived!!

Stampin Up class was tonite. We stamped 3 great and unique cards. Highlight of the evening was a preview of the mini holiday catalog, stamps and holiday papers.That little preview made all of us drool, oooo and ahh. But for me the best part of the nite was my new paper cutter arrived. I have already cut many papers into teeny tiny strips.

New paper cutter from Stampin Up love it

In the house

"She" has arrived and is officially in the house. This is a great inspirational book as recommended by Heidi Swapp

From Colleen

Colleen comes up with the nicest inspirational stuff. Here is another one from her. Enjoy!

My first attempt at 12of 12

Ok this was more difficult than I thought. Not a very exciting collage of 12 pics. My day started with my usual coffee, feed the dog, get ready for class at DM, a great class with Michelle and then the rest of the day swimming, playing games with my son and my grandkids.

Playing with Picasa

Up early waiting to go to my DM class. So I took the plunge and down loaded Picasa program. This is a super cool program now I'm kicking myself for not downloading it sooner. Anyway just playing with pics and this is what I came up with. Today is 12 0f12 day and I am determined to get 12 pics of a day in my life and join in. so far so good I have 3 pics taken and only 9 more to go. Then to scrap them. Ok off to classes and a fun day with the kids

Winding down

Accordian album that fits inside of the tin box

Front of box
Back of box

Colleen and I had class Tuesday nite at Devine Memories. Fun Fun Fun. Lots of laughter and"girl" talk. Next class is Saturday 20 in 3. That should be another great class.
Can't believe that Thursday is finally here. Usually I take Friday off but not this Friday. Have an interview with a potential employee so it is off to work I go tomorrow.
Looking forward to the weekend. TJ is coming down from Casa Grande to help entertain the grandkids. We are having a sleepover as Mommy and Daddy John are headed to Tuscan to a wedding. Should be lots of swimming, games and movies. Just fun. I bet Mr A will be taking pics again too funny. so will have pics to post come Sunday nite. later.....

The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

The Greatest Mini Album. Pics are out of order despite my best efforts

Well I had high hopes of completing my to do list today. And actually I was going great guns: cleaning done, floors mopped, bathroom cleaned, laundry done and the last thing was to clean the pool. Oops no such luck. Pool motor was dead dead dead. Now yes I checked the circuit breaker, looked for a reset button and on and on. Nope DEAD. Great another thing in this house that needs repair. Ok add that to new roof, paint inside and out, landscaping and retirement is pushed back another year. Ha like I was even thinking of retiring anyway. So instead of cleaning the pool I worked on finishing up the mini albums from classes Friday and Saturday. "The Greatest" is done with photos and the "How Sweet It Is" just needs photos just haven't decided what photos to put in it.

Recap of Saturday

Colleen and I took classes from Gina from Rusty Pickle both Friday and Saturday. I now have 2 completed mini albums and a file folder album. Gina was a wonderful fun instructor. Kudos to DM for having her.
Following the class we picked up Beth and ate a quick lunch at TC's and then headed to Phoenix to a new paper arts store we had heard about "Lucky 15" This is a really cute little artsy store with lots of treasures. Loved the red door.

The shopping bags are stamped with Lucky 15 and also the tags on each item are stamped with Lucky 15. Store has really neat containers filled with all sorts of fun things. Products like paper and embellishments are arranged by colors so that was fun. No matter the product line if it was black it was in the black section. Too fun. Colleen found tons and tons of stuff and I limited myself to a few select items. Loved the unique wood monograms in all different sizes. I think we went through every bin to find a C for Colleen. S&#…

Good day

As per usual, lately anyway, I took today off to take a class at Devine Memories. The guest instructor was Gina from Rusty Pickle. A fun fun class. Tomorrow am we return to DM and take a second class with Gina. Good way to start my weekend and unwind.

Amazing short video
Colleen forwarded this beautiful video to me with a wonderful message. Something for all of us to think about. It takes a little while to load but it is so worth it. Enjoy and thanks Colleen for the inspiration.

Back to class

Well it isWednesday and we are back to classes. Tonite was our monthly Stampi Up class with Jan. Jan had been to Stampin Up convention and she had lots of goodies to show us. Tools, stamps, and hundreds of cards. Colleen and I just groaned as Stampin Up has come up with a new paper cutter and Jan let us play with it. Yeap all of you that know Colleen and I know we want it. We played and played and it is NICE SWEET and to DIE for. Nope didn't order it yet, but.... It cuts paper into such thin strips that you can thread them into a needle. Jan saw them do this. I managed really thin strips but didn't try the needle trick. 5 year blade guarantee what more could a girl want?? The little thin strips on the heart card were cut with the new cutter. Anyway new cards using the new stamps. Have to have the words background and the label set in the box. Loved that set. So below are the cards and the 3 holders we made.

Fun relaxing evening.