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Happy Birthday TJ

Happy Happy Birthday TJ. I couldn't ask for a more caring, helpful, funny, mischievous son. I am so blessed you are my son and so very proud of you.

Busy and Productive Weekend

This has been a great weekend. probably the first weekend in almost a year that I completely relaxed and enjoyed. Bought time I say!!!

I took time to get my fountain back up and running yeah me!! I was ready to throw it out but decided one last time to see if I could get it to run and whatever I did I have no clue but it is tinkling away merrily. It just gives a cooler feeling to the area on these hot days.

Then I planted 3 hydrangeas. I have my fingers crossed I can keep them alive as these are one of my favorite flowers. According to a lady that unasked just walked up and told me I would not be able to keep them from dying (thank you doubter) I chose a more positive approach and have absolutely no expectations. If they survive me and this climate yeah and if not I tried

Saturday Amanda and I took a class from Suzette Ricks. Although the photos uploaded out of order you can still see what a cute mini album this is. Waiting on my photos and then it will be filled. Thanks Suzet…

Celebrating Mother's Day & May Birthdays

Today was our big May celebrations. 3 May birthdays Sadera, TJ and mine plus Mother's Day. We all met for lunch at The Elephant bar and the celebration began. Although short a good time with good food was had by all!
What better way to start the celebration than with a raspberry lemon drop martini yummo. I enjoyed it so much

Jenn and John

Sadera, Jenn, John and Anthony

Sadera and Jenn

Anthony, TJ (not smiling as usual can you tell he loves having his picture taken, and Sadera

Sadera answering a TJ question

and then the desserts oh my yummy desserts TJ and Sadera's Creme Brulee

Jenn and mine Citrus cheesecake brulee

And the huge mud pie that Anthony and John made short work of

Gifts exchanged and catching up done we all headed home. TJ back to work and the rest of us home to be miserable with all we ate.

My florist area:) Hydrangea plant from Mom and Dad. I am hoping it lives through the hot summer. Seriously thinking of keeping it in the house for awhile

Birthday and Mother's…

Happy Mother's Day Mom

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden,falls upon us, when adversity takes the place of prosperity,when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us,when trouble thickens around us,still will she cling to us,and endeavor by her kind precepts, and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness,and cause peace to return to our hearts.
-Washington Irving

Happy 13th

Happy 13th Birthday Sadera
It is unbelievable that you are 13. Enjoy your special day
Love ya