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Happy New Year


May 2011 be the best year yet

A Merry Christmas! Indeed It Was

Christmas 2010. Again this was a very good Christmas. I was surrounded by family on Christmas Day. From the food, gifts and game playing it was just a spectacular Christmas. I am so thankful and grateful for my son and daughter and her family in my life.
My Christmas celebration started Thursday evening making a Gingerbread man with Sadera and Anthony. Trader Joe's has the cutest kit and the kids completed all by themselves. We then watched 9. Cute movie.

Friday was a quiet day finishing up a few little things and then helping TJ make his pumpkin brulee. We met Jenn and John at Firebirds for a Christmas Eve dinner. Yummy food good company.

Christmas Day was totally complete with a turkey and ham cooked to perfection. Potatoes via my sisters recipe. Food turned out really good. Gifts were exchanged and then we finished our day playing CLR (our new family favorite).Below our some of our pictures from the past 3 days

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my home to yours.
May your day filled with Peace and Joy

Tina's debut

This past week can best be described by Maija and her newest blog post. It was a week from hell to put it bluntly!!! Maija did such a great piece on ups and downs so if you get a chance to read her post please do. I keep being told that karma has a way of evening things out and I so hope that is exactly what will happen.

So on with the true reason for this post. I had approached Tina a couple of months ago about teaching a class for some friends new to the scrapping and art world. Tina had decided to leave the storefront teaching arena and strike out on her own with her dream of teaching out of her home. Tina was so enthusiastic and soon had a class developed, date set and was ready to go. Yesterday was her grand debut and it was a successful day. She had put so much work into planning the day so we could all enjoy, eat and create. I volunteered to help however she needed me and so I headed out Saturday a bit early as I had no clue other than Chandler Heights dirt road where I w…

"Maison de Joie"

After Earleen's Friday luncheon and class with Denise , Saturday morning arrived sunny with beautiful blue skies. It was a good omen. I was very lucky to be attending my 2nd Heirloom event. I picked up Colleen and after a Starbuck's stop we made our way to Annette's for Carol's "Maison de Joie" event. Annette had her home decorated so beautifully. The Christmas spirit was definitely present. Colleen and I did a little shopping from Carol's table as we waited for the other guests to arrive. When everyone had joined the party we were served a wonderful breakfast. It was so nice that we were able to eat outdoors in Annette's resort like yard and pool area.
Following breakfast the fun began as we created our covers to our albums. There was lots of chattering, catching up and laughter throughout the morning. Colleen and I sat with Teah and Karen. So good to see them and hear of their adventures and shopping while in Az.

After another wonderful lun…

Just a week ago

One week ago today I was taking a fun class with Denise Hahn in Earleen's beautifully Christmas decorated home. The lunch was wonderful, the class over the top and the participants the best. It was the best kick off to Carol's event on Saturday.

Denise had our kits packaged so sweet and we all had many laughs glittering, gluing and laughing over Earleen's special little girl from Denise.

I was able to catch up with Teah and Karen and finally Maija. Who knew we rarely get to connect except at events:)

Just a few pics of our day. My ornament hangs proudly in my living room. I love it. Thanks Denise. Please come more often to teach classes

Back from Iowa

Hard to believe a week ago today TJ and I were in Iowa celebrating Thanksgiving with family. We were freezing our feet off. We flew into Omaha rented a car and landed in Early last Friday. From then on it was a whirlwind of trips to the store for food, helping my brother Scott pack u the old house and get the newly purchased house ready to move into. Lots of emotions for him and his boys leaving their beloved home and starting on a new journey.

My sister had done much of the menu planning and cooking for the week. She did an awesome job and we had tons and I mean tons of food. TJ took over the duties one night and fixed us yummy Asian short ribs. Zach joined us all the way from New York and brought lots of fun things to try. He made the stuffing and turkey for our Thanksgiving meal. Fresh roasted chestnuts were peeled and chopped and added to the stuffing yum yum yum. The he proceeded to make pumpkin brittle. That was a big hit with all of us.
It was good to be back visitin…