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Today is Island Survivor Day

Today is Survivor Island quarterly raffle here at WSD. Amanda our Dietitian, has compiled all the patients' phosphorus levels for 3 months and those patients meeting goal were entered into a raffle for donated prizes .
Amanda also focused this day on protein so we have had lots of smoothies, protein bars and rice crispy bars to sample. Our Patients are enjoying the samples while listening to the island music playing and hopefully learning about better protein supplements. It has been a good day for patients and staff Thanks Amanda

The Island created by Amanda
Each month the patient's phosphorus level determines if they can remain on the island or are back in the shark infested waters. Our goal is to have the phosphorus level be reached for dialysis patients (different than the average person)

Dr and Amanda drawing names for the raffle

High prpotein rice crispy treats Yummo I will post the recipe at the end of this post

Amanda making protein smoothies

Different protein supplem…

Happy Birthday Mom

What a special day for you. Now if the weather isn't snowing again hopefully you can get out! Usually I say I wish I was there to help you celebrate but I have to say I will take the rain we are getting over your snow.

Enjoy your day you are in all our thoughts.

A Simple Quiet Sunday


Today has been a simple quiet day. Not much action here like yesterday. I even slept in which is so unusual for me as I am usually up at the crack of dawn drinking my coffee. It was a leisurely morning with coffee and a fresh fruit smoothie to start my day. I tackled my mental to do list and seemed to finish it in pretty good time. The weather is beautiful with a warm fresh breeze blowing in the windows and bright sunshine. My flowers and bushes are blooming and are beautiful.

My bougainvillea recovering from a freeze

The honey suckle rallying

I even managed a long bike ride. It is very quiet in the neighborhood today so a great day for a ride.

A trip to Trader Joe's for fresh fruits and veggies

The house cleaned dusted and vacuumed

The used soap nuts boiled and liquid soap made

Laundry done

It has been a good weekend. Tomorrow starts another week with lots to complete and accomplish. But what a great weekend it has been. Family food fun nothing better

Successful Pasta Making Day

Today was such a fun day. We usually try to get together at least monthly to catch up as a family. It has been quite awhile since we were together for some fun and food. So today TJ, Jenn, John and Sadera and Anthony all showed up for a marathon of pasta making. TJ had purchased a pasta machine and a ravioli maker and was anxious to give it a try. There was lots of laughter and uncertainty when TJ arrived with the lobsters and a ton of other things to make different pastas. Anthony wasn't too sure about touching the lobsters but finally pitched in to help TJ. We had lots of help cranking the pasta machine. At the days end we probably made about 10-12 dozen ravioli and lots of spaghetti. We made 3 different kinds of ravioli, spinach, chicken, and lobster ravioli. All I can say is it was yummy, yummy yummy. Jenn brought a fresh tossed salad and what a meal it was.

Anthony modeling his apron

Sadera in hers

Helping Uncle TJ unload the truck

Anthony and his lobster

Making the p…

Crazy week

This has been a crazy crazy week, We have been busy at work and I have been busy at home. In one more day my busy weekend will start. Jenn and family are joining TJ and I for a day of pasta making on Saturday. TJ purchased a new Pasta machine so we are all going to be making and eating pasta. It should be a fun filled messy day and then they all get to go home and Mom gets to clean up:) TJ is bringing fresh lobster and all sorts of other goodies for the pasta.

Last night Jan had a special extra class and we learned to make fabric flowers. Since I have Colleen's Big Shot still held hostage I may get busy and cut a large bunch of flowers to put together.

A Week of Creating

Another busy week has come and gone. This past week was filled with creating. Starting last Sunday with a mini event at Pam Black's beautiful home to yesterday my final two classes at Paper Vineyard with Cosmo. In between was filled with work, eat, sleep mode. Today is catch up for all the things I have let slide like laundry, clean the house, dishes and on and on.

Friday night was the first class by Cosmo at Paper Vineyard. Fast paced, fun and a ton of give aways. Lindsey Moore and Wanda were over the top in entertainment and generous gifts. We made the cutest little box container using Cosmo blackboard boxes. Saturday morning started with another box altered with a travel theme. Again fun laughter and generous gifts. Last class was the cutest card and a layout. Paper Vineyard did an excellent job of making us all comfortable with good food, lots of product to buy hee hee of course I didn't ha ha . Adriana and Jean were the best hostesses for the event. Thanks for…

Day of Creating with Friends

Last Sunday was a get together with friends to create a Valentine Banner. What a fun filled creative day. Pam Black opened up her beauitful home to all of us. There was so much laughing, talking, teasing and a wonderful new phrase by Maija. Cracked all of us up. Each of us were given a letter for the banner. We designed that banner piece and then made 9 kits for everyone. I had the letter "I". I posted pics of my letter and kit in the previous post.
The food was over the top and so beautifully presented. Check Maija and Carol's blog for more pics.
Here we are at the end of our wonderful day
Back row Carol, me, Maija Kelli and Kim
Middle row Pam and Marni
Front row Earleen and Annette

The beautiful food bar

Our gift from Pam

Earleen's kit and yummy popcorn which I ate all of it

Annette's beautiful bright red cigar box with the kit inside

Kim's kit

Maija's kit

Carol's kit

This was the best way to spend a Sunday good friends, good food and a great project