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saturday doings

Can I just say it is a beautiful day again today. Warm, slight breeze, lots of sunshine and beautiful blue skies. Love this time of year despite the allergies. My bougainvillea and some climbing vine that I have forgotten the name of , are in full bloom. And if I am being truthful so are the weeds. I sprayed them again today before I left for my class. I hope they fade away soon

Today was our class with Josie C at Mystic Paper. We learned copper etching and how to make rivets to connect our heart and wings together. What a great learning experience. Josie is so patient and generous with her time and supplies. Can't decide if I like the soldering or now copper etching the best. She showed us an upcoming class of a little etched copper house that was just too cute and her next class of a transparency book with glass and soldering.

Let's see another big thing in my week was Carol Wingert's March Kit. All I can say is wow it is loaded with the best embellishments, papers…

It is swap time again

It has been at least a month since I have participated in any swaps and classes have been few and far between. We(Colleen and I)are keeping our pledge to be fiscally responsible. That is a hoot huh??. Sooooo I decided to host a vintage nursery rhyme tag swap for some of the creative friends I met through CIB and different classes I have taken. I am really excited and am waiting on two more people to respond yes or no. Then all the final details will be mailed to the ladies and the fun will begin.

In honor of hosting this swap, I just had to try to make a tag for the blog. Well 3 days later and my frustration with Elements 5 is way beyond reasonable this is as good as it is going to get. I threatened to unload elements many times in the past few days. anyhoo here it is.
More later

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my family in Iowa and friends here in Arizona. What a beautiful day it was with bright blue skies and sunshine. This year I decided to take advantage of Super Suppers Easter dinner special. What a lot of great food we had. Pork loin, ham and cheddar strata, praline french toast, swiss cheese vegetable medley, twice baked potatoes and lemon pie. all of it was fantastic. Anthony loaded up on the deviled eggs. He loves those.
After our meal the games were on. The competition was fierce and in the end Anthony and TJ won the final round. Anthony plays with complete abandon and he is so fun to watch. Sadera is a fierce competitor and hates losing. and then there is John and TJ oh my do they compete to beat the "girls". It was a fun fun day with family.
So what is one of my posts without the pictures. Sit and relax and enjoy our family Easter.

Food courtesy Super Suppers in Gilbert

The table all set ready to go

New egg wreath I used as the center piece

Name tags I ma…

Great news

Colleen called me last nite to confirm that YES we are officially signed up to take classes with Tim Holtz on April 12th at Mystic Paper. Wahoo!!!!! I can't wait and am so excited. Classes with the Mr Tim Holtz and Colleen, Kim and Michelle. 4 very loud noisy laughing gals. Poor Tim he won't know what hit him. Now what more could a girl ask for? Oh ya I know Tim Holtz new ruler, stamps, I know dream on and on! Bet I will have a ton of pics from this all day event!!!!!

Birthday Celebration

I swear the weeks are rushing by so fast. It is hard to believe this is Easter weekend already. I am breaking tradition this year and ordered my dinner from Super Suppers in Gilbert. We just need to pick it up on Sat and pop it in the oven on Sunday. Now what could be easier than that I ask. All their food is so fresh and yummy so I am sure we will have a fabulous good dinner.
Work is slowling down both at the hospital and at the unit which is good. The dreaded monthly reports are due in a couple of weeks so need to gear up for that.
No classes this week. Colleen and I are laughingly referring to ourselves as finacially fiscal consumers. In otherwords we are actually weighing which classes we take. Mainly due to my previous lack of mobility classes and shopping had slowed almost to a halt. No classes of course this weekend due to Easter. We do have a class next Sat again with Josie. I am so looking forward to learning copper etching and rivets should be fun
Today was our Do…

Classes, shopping and finishing projects

A busy week of work and rehab on my knee led to a fun Saturday. Colleen and I had signed up for Josie C class at Mystic Paper for soldering. This was our second class and can I just say we are hooked on soldering. Who knew it would be so fun and that we can actually do it so it looks good (unlike our previous experiences a year ago). Kim had signed up too and it was fun hanging with her. I think we now have her hooked on soldering. After class we wandered over and ate at Sweetcakes. Such good food. It was car rally day in downtown Mesa and it was fun watching all the interesting people and cars. After lunch it was to Market Square for a run through the antique store. Scored a few things for altered art and am so pleased with my purchases.
I am busy finishing up all my projects from a fun filled weekend at CIB at Devine Memories. Just have Kim's house to put together and find the perfect picture.
And what would my blog post be without some pics. Ya I know alot of pics!…

Great classes, Great people, Great Food

This was a fun, relaxing creative weekend. I had signed up CIB at Devine Memories long before my "little" accident and had been looking forward to it for a very long tme. What a great event starting Friday PM with meet the teachers and wonderful sweet treats, dinner from Chipolte and our first class with Beth Quinn. The swap was so much fun and Kim C was so generous and gave each of the swap participants the board to mount our swaps on.
Saturday we started the day with fruit,juices and muffins yum. Classes were great, and of course lunch was soo good from Jason's. Lots of goodies from vendors, instructors and Devine Memories. Lots of laughter. Apparently "we" ( make that all of us) were shrill and loud huh??? Maiji. Oh well we all had a great time.
So today is rest, do laundry, rest, pay bills and hmmm rest

Our instructors holding the examples of the classes they taught. From L-R: Kim H, Beth Q, MichelleD, Sandy E, and Candice C

Our group picture with Inst…

Let the fun begin

I can't believe it is Friday already. It has been another long week of runny nose and coughing but finally I feel like I have gone over the hump and am on the road to recovering. I feel so bad as now my SO has it. He has been so great helping, pampering and rehabing my knee and now he is so sick with this crappy flu and I am pretty much useless to him. About all I can do is empathize and sympathize. Get well soon!!!!!
This is my big weekend CREATIVITY IN BLOOM at Devine Memories. It starts today at 4 PM and goes through tomorrow nite. Totally looking forward to meeting Kim Caldwell and catching up with Maija. Awesome classes are planned with Kim H, Candice C, Beth Q , Michelle D and Sandy E. I am packed with everything but the kitchen sink. Looking forward to creating and just rleaxing. Bless Colleen she is my driver again this weekend. I told her she is a saint to haul me around. I hope to be driving myself one of these days!!!
I joined the CIB swap hosted by Kim C and…


Kim tagged me to list 6 quirky things about me. Now I am not very exciting so here goes
1. My laundry has to be done in exactly the same order everytime (whites, colors, darks, towels) no exceptions

2. Towels are folded and placed in the cupboard by color

3. I read all my magazines back to front

4. Dishes are stacked in the dishwasher exactly the same way every time

5. I never where white before Easter Old Iowa tradition

6 All alarm clocks set ahead 30 minutes

See told you not exciting
so I need to tag 6 people but I tnink most everyone I can think of has been tagged

Quiet Weekend

After a long non rehab week at work training on the upgrades of our computer system it has been a nice relaxing weekend.
Saturday Colleen picked me up and after a Starbucks run we headed to Mystic Paper to get more soldering supplies. At least that was why I needed to go. This was my first official shopping expedition since my accident in Jan. I have been to a couple of classes but this was the very first "we are going shopping" day. I did well especially with my mother hen Colleen. Got my soldering supplies and a few extra things and then since I felt so well we headed to one of my favorite stores Domestic Bliss. Love their clothes and what do you know 75% off sales oh yah!!!! I was able to find 2 tops and pants on sale. The 3rd top I loved so despite not being on sale I splurged. Colleen bought us both new aprons for our CIB weekend.
From Domestic Bliss it was to Wildflower for lunch/breakfast. We decided to eat breakfast instead. Just totally yummy lemon ricotti …