saturday doings

Can I just say it is a beautiful day again today. Warm, slight breeze, lots of sunshine and beautiful blue skies. Love this time of year despite the allergies. My bougainvillea and some climbing vine that I have forgotten the name of , are in full bloom. And if I am being truthful so are the weeds. I sprayed them again today before I left for my class. I hope they fade away soon

Today was our class with Josie C at Mystic Paper. We learned copper etching and how to make rivets to connect our heart and wings together. What a great learning experience. Josie is so patient and generous with her time and supplies. Can't decide if I like the soldering or now copper etching the best. She showed us an upcoming class of a little etched copper house that was just too cute and her next class of a transparency book with glass and soldering.

Let's see another big thing in my week was Carol Wingert's March Kit. All I can say is wow it is loaded with the best embellishments, papers and ribbons and it has Kim Hesson's wooden easel. (Check out Kim's Etsy site for the best lace and trims and wooden cut outs) If this wasn't a big deal don't know what else there is. Two of my favorite people/instructors/creative artists in one kit. Wahoo. Colleen was just as blown away when I gave her her kit today. Now to get it put together. I so want to dig in and get going on it but I promised Colleen I would wait so we could plan a day to do it together.
Don't forget to check Kim's blog as she is doing a countdown to her birthday. She has lots of fun stuff planned I hear
Ok I have rambeled enough. guess I better get something productive done like laundry, cleaning or hey a nap??


Maija said…
I loved that class with Josie! Are you taking the other 2? I'm taking class with Leighanna Light at the Frenzy Stamper on SAutrday!
Heartinmyhand said…
I just found your site. I was signed up for Josie's class, but had to cancel do to a UT infection. I'll stop by again.

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