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For Today

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FOR TODAY (August 31,2009)...

Outside my window... Clouds are forming do I dare hope it rains
I am thinking...I need to water plants again it is so hot and dry
I am thankful for...A new roof and new exterior paint
From the learning rooms...working on a Jessica Sprague class I signed up for and never completed
From the kitchen...Zucchini, sweet corn, tomatoes and steak
I am wearing... PJ's
I am creating...still working on the swap I am hosting in just a few short weeks
I am going... To Cali soon
I am reading...Nothing at this time
I am hoping...All my Cali friends are safe from the fire and smoke
I am hearing...TV news
Around the house...Clean mopped floors
One of my favorite things...Fresh flowers on my table thank you Trader Joe
A few plans for the rest of the week: Stampin Up club Wed

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Wishing for Fall's cooler weather, sweaters, carmel apples, soups

Sunday afternoon

Well it is another hot dry day here in AZ. I have lost track of how many days over 100 and without rain we have had. At least we don't have the fires and smoke that California has. I am thinking of all of our friends out there hoping you are all safe.

Yesterday I worked most of the day outside getting things shaped up. Today I vacuumed again and mopped again inside. All the dust from tearing off the old shingles and replacing them plus sanding and scraping so they could paint left a film of dust and grime on everything. I thought I had it done yesterday but soon decided it needed it again so once again everything is mopped. Looks and feels better when I walk on it.

Last evening Jen and family asked me to eat with them so we met up at Serranos. Yummo Mexican. It was really good this time. After dinner I brought the kids home with me and we played cards and watched The Day the Earth Stood Still. Anthony's new favorite movie! We managed to play several games of cards before Jen and…

Phase 2 clean-up

Today as hot as it is, and believe me it is hot! I worked out on my back patio and the front most of the day. There were frequent breaks for water or diet Pepsi along the way. I am pleased as I have almost everything picked up and put back in its place. The driveway and patio have had a bath and so the sanding and paint splatters and dust are gone. Hopefully that will be a big improvement on the allergies.
Jen and Anthony showed up about 7:30 to help me carry all the patio furniture back on to the patio. Big job as I have some heavy pieces. Anthony was thrilled when I gave him a container of old craft stuff to look through. He found packets of seeds so he was going home to plant radishes and flowers. We even managed to get the fountain to work and found a new place for it.
I am tired but so happy phase 2 is done. I am thinking on waiting a bit before phase 3 the landscaping starts. It is too hot to be out there moving rocks and planting.

Anthony and Jen bright and early to help

Jen took t…

Phase 2 is done

Phase one of my renovations was a new roof last week. Phase 2 is this week and the exterior is painted.

Tomorrow looks like a full day of cleaning up and getting everything back in its place
More later this weekend

A day late but it is done

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FOR TODAY (August 25,2009)...
Outside my window...Blue skies with huge white fluffy clouds
I am thinking... About my busy day and the meetings we had
I am thankful for...Good friends
From the learning rooms... I learned how to make these on the computer ♪♪♪
From the kitchen...Lots of fresh fruits and veggies from Bountiful Baskets
I am wearing...PJ's
I am creating...fabric square collages for a swap
I am going... no where tonight
I am reading...CMS guidelines for work BORING
I am hoping... They start the exterior painting tomorrow
I am hearing... The news on TV
Around the house...Very messy
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week: Watch the progression of the painting, clean and more yard work
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
My Maternal Grandmother Mattie Marie Hoff (Sweet Sixteen Picture)

Bountiful Day

This has been a great week-end so far. Last night I joined Tina at Paper Vineyard for a crop. Lots of fun and it was good to catch up with her.

Today it was BB day and then I worked the rest of the day cleaning up my patio and raking and cleaning up the back yard. Patio looks good so I can once again have my morning coffee on the patio. Looking forward to that tomorrow.
It has supposedly been forcasted for rain this weekend. Nope no rain at my house but we did have a huge dust storm last night. hence why I was sweeping up tons of dirt from the patio.

This is what it looks like tonight. Nope don't think these are good rain clouds. Looks like I will need to water again tomorrow. These are the clouds in the back off my patio

And this is the view in front still no rain looking clouds

Today was my Saturday pick up of Bountiful Baskets. A very full 2 baskets today. Lots of fruit and some good veggies. The bread Honey wheat and the ciabatta all 10 loaves (5 loaves of each) are yummy. I tried …


The time was way way past due for a new roof for my house. So after getting estimates and deciding on the right fit for me they started working at 5:30 am Tuesday. Work seems to be progressing well and I am so pleased so far.

Day 1 Tuesday Aug 18,2009 they arrive, the shingles come off and we are on our way to a new roof

Day 2 All shingles gone and black paper is on both sides of the roof

Shingles have arrived on day 2 Huge truck with a conveyor belt to take the shingles to the roof pulled into my yard. And yeap they are as close as it looks to my living room window

Day 3 shingles are on patio roof and part of the back side of the house :)

Wed nite was a special extra class at Jan's. We constructed cute little boxes to hold Halloween treats. Fun times.

So tomorrow is Friday this week has amazingly flown by. Looking forward to a crop tomorrow evening and then a quiet weekend
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FOR TODAY (Aug 17, 2009)...
Outside my window...Dry hot gentle breeze bloeing making my wind chimes sing
I am thinking... When is cooler weather coming
I am thankful for...Getting a new roof on Thursday
From the learning rooms...
From the kitchen...Fresh beets, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes for my dinner
I am wearing... My work clothes
I am creating... for a swap in Sept
I am going... To Cali in Sept
I am reading... Nothing still I need to get on that
I am hoping... My roof will be done by the weekend
I am hearing... News on TV
Around the house...General clutter from my swap
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week: work and maybe lunch Sat with kids
Here is picture thought I am sharing:
My Dad playing in the snow

What a week

This has been a challenging week to say the least. Not only is it hot and muggy but my air conditioner decided to stop working on Wednesday. Oh ya oh ya. At least it wasn't as hot as it has been. I am happy to say that it was fixed and running well and I am once again cool.

Then the Internet was down, my daughter's dog that I keep passed away, and my TV wouldn't work. I am happy to say that the TV is working again, my Internet is once again alive and well and the estimate for a new roof came in within my budget. So the week did end better than it started,

I am once again back in rehab for my knee but mainly my left leg. For some reason it has been a pain. So Monday it started. I am pretty pleased with how I am doing so far and can already tell a difference in the strength. Yeah for my task master.

Saturday was lunch with Kim H and a wee bit of retail therapy. We are on the hunt for Graphics 45 new papers and My Minds Eye Halloween Papers. Not a whole lot of luck with those tw…
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FOR TODAY (Aug 10, 2009)...
Outside my window...It is surprisingly quiet. Very unusual. Lots of huge fluffy
clouds Is it a storm coming in?? Doubtful
I am thinking... Life is good
I am thankful for...My sister not being badly injured in a car accident this past
weekend. There had to be an angel on her shoulder keeping her
From the learning rooms... New computer tutorial on photo shop
From the kitchen...Lots of fresh fruits and veggies
I am wearing... Actually haven't changes out of my work clothes yet
I am creating... for a swap in Sept
I am going... To call my sister to check in, call the grand kids and check the 1st
day of school and their farms on Farmville
I am reading... nothing at present
I am hoping... For a quiet non stressed week at work
I am hearing... AC still running
Around the house...It is quiet love the quietness of the evenings
One of my favorite things..Usher CD.
A few plans for the rest of the week: work and maybe lunch Sat with kids
Here is picture thoug…

What Have I Been Doing???

Let's see it was another fast paced week that flew by. It was the usual work,eat, sleep mode with a few fun things thrown in.
Okay lets get real and honest what did I do this week you ask??
Well I farmed!!! Yeap you heard me right I was a farming fool. I am a member of the Farmville community and I have my own farm thanks to TJ who sucked me in. I returned the favor and now have Jenn and Sadera farming. Family that farms together stays together is my new motto. So I am busy buying animals and trees and planting and harvesting many different crops!! Is this a time waster when I could be doing laundry, cleaning and 100 million other things absolutely! Do I care?? nope I am addicted to farming. Thank you Facebook for coaxing me and to TJ for getting my competitive juices going. Mafia I suck at farming I am doing well
So want to see my little farm?? Of course you do. I am not an Iowa girl for nothing. So here it is in all its glory.

Wednesday nite was Stampin Up Club and Jan had 3 beautif…

For Today

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FOR TODAY (Aug 3, 2009)...
Outside my window... It is quiet today bright blue skies
I am thinking...How very hot and humid it is
I am thankful for...cold diet pepsi and my AC
From the learning rooms...patience has it's rewards
From the kitchen...sweet corn, beets, kale and chicken for dinner
I am wearing...what else PJ's my after work attire
I am creating...Heritage layouts and a fabric book
I am watch the news
I am reading...
I am hoping...It cools down ha ha
I am and AC running
Around the house...It is a mess folded laundry on the couch
One of my favorite computer to keep me company
A few plans for the rest of the week:Stampin Up Wed nite
Here is picture thought I am sharing:
My sister and I all decked out

Another quiet Sunday

It has been another quiet Sunday for me. Too hot to be out working in the yard so I spent the day indoors. Did the usual grocery, laundry thing and spent time talkig with Colleen and family. Colleen and family both say it is cool where they are. Hmmm wondering if I need to take a trip :) It remains hot, dusty and no rain here.
I am still impressed with my soap nuts. My laundry is fresh smelling and oh so soft. Love them. I gave my daughter, son and sister some to try but no reports back as of yet as to if they like them

Since it was too hot outdoors I worked on some Heritage layouts. This is a layout of Mom and Dad on their wedding Day. Layout was purchased from Etc. Love the paper as it is Graphics 45 and my favorite at this time.

So another week begins tomorrow and it is back to work for me. Hoping for less staffing headaches this week as I have tons of reports to get out.
Hope you all had a great weekend

Just a run of the mill hot week

Nothing really new and exciting to share with all of you. It has been a typical work, eat, sleep kind of a week. The weather has been hot and dry with no rain in site. Wishing for lush green and cooler temps. I am afraid that is not happening right now.

I am officially on cat duty while my daughter and family have been in San Diego all week. So I am feeding and watering the little felines. They seem to be happy to see me these days. Guess they are bored without family to entertain them ha ha. Usually they won't have a thing to do with me but these days I am greeted at the door as I walk in.

Today it is Bountiful Baskets so am wondering what I will be eating for fruits and veggies this week. It is organic week. Need to pick up my order early this am. Then home to get ready for lunch with a friend. Looking forward to that.

So you can pretty much see I am boring!!!
Ok off to get ready to go get food baskets more later

Wednesday night was an extra class at Jan's house for Stampin Up. …