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Counting My Blessings

This past 3 weeks has been a lesson in faith, patience, hope, joy and feeling truly blessed.
I made an emergency trip back to Iowa the last of August to be with Dad and my family as Dad underwent open heart surgery. Despite all the doom and gloom Surgeon and cardiologists Dad exceeded and surpassed their dire predictions. He is home and doing fantastic at cardiac rehab. I can not say enough good things about Dad's Doctors and Trinity Hospital in Fort Dodge. What a beautiful place and the nurses were the best. Dad's favorite Jordan was compassionate and so kind to all of us.
We as a family are so blessed. I was able to spend wonderful quality time with Dad sitting outside in the beautiful Iowa fall like weather watching them construct the new town water tower. Again a great blessing.
They say you never know who your true friends are till there is a crisis. I have to say it was brought home to me many times over. I can't thank everyone enough for the emails, texts and …