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Tag Dress Form= a great day

Yesterday Kim and I took an Altered Dress Form with tags class at Mystic Paper with Lisa Super. This was a fun self paced class. I managed to get a few tags completed and Kim went a different direction and painted her dress form with gesso and gessoed her tags. The tags she completed were beautiful so I am anxious to see hers completed too. All of us had unique tags even though we were working with the same supplies. Lisa had tons of paper, flowers, stamps and on and on for us to complete the projects.
Of course I did a wee bit of shopping and was able to pick up Prima's new stitched papers and 3 of their acrylic stamps as well as a wonderful new stand to hang "things" on. Then I scored some of Kim's new wood shapes. Loving her new line! So here you go tons of pics
The new Prima stitched papers and a couple of collage sheets for future projects

My fabulous new stand with my new Prima stamps

And the new wood shapes by Kim. And congrats Kim on the overwhelming success of y…

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons

Yesterday was a fun class at Mystic Paper. I will blog more about that later as this will be an intensive photo blog. Colleen asked me to take pics of all the aprons for the Altered Apron Challenge Mystic Paper has. So here you go Colleen. I am sorry I don't know all the names that go with the aprons. They are strung across the Mystic Paper store and are really amazing works of art.
This first one I know:) as I was at Mystic the Day Carlene brought in her apron

Lindsey's apron this is a beautiful color combination.

Mine is way to the left, Carlene's and the other apron Jennifer made

One of two of Jennifer's Loved this one too

Kim's apron. A work of art with all the hand stitching, machine stitching and the wooden birds. Too too cute

Becky's beautiful apron

And that is your preview of the beautiful aprons. Check out Mystic's site for all the details of the auction

Playing Again

I had a wonderful Easter with my family. Lots of good food and many laughs. I must say game playing was competitive, but John won in the end. Needless to say there was some cut throat game playing. Jen brought over scrumptious desserts, salad and made bird nests out of french bread. They were yummy.
It was a great day.
Uncle TJ helping little Mr A

The food and John's beer

The bird nest after these came out of the oven Jen added Prosciutto the tops

Mr A and Ms S made these wonderful bird nests with peeps and edible grass. They were yummy

It has been a long time since I have been to a class. Really looking forward to the dress form class on Saturday at Mystic
Only one more day at work and the the weekend is happening.
Heard from Colleen and she and baby Ella have been playing dress up so I am anxious to see the pics. I bet she has many dresses to choose from

Happy Easter

To all my family and friends

May you have a wonderful Easter surrounded by family and friends

It's A Busy Good Friday

These past 2 weeks have alternately flown by and dragged by. We are up and running on are new Cyber Ren EMR and we are all loving it. The staff have done an amazing job of picking up the new system and continuing to dialyze without missing a beat. TJ has been a lifesaver from helping me enter all the data to setting up all the computers in the education room for training to knowing the system inside and out. The Doc has been supportive and he understands and uses the system as well as the trainers. So all in all it has been a good experience just very long. For now we are on our own and our wonderful rep and trainer Ulrich is back in Canada. Guess time will tell if we have all the kinks and bugs worked out
So long intro into why I decided to stay home today. I am exhausted. I have done very little for the Easter dinner at my house this Sunday. So here I am cleaning and doing laundry and trying to decorate. I still haven't come up with anything special for Mr A and Ms S. Got to get …

So It Is Sunday

I have certainly been a lazy slug today. Just no motivation, energy or will power to get up and get going. I guess last week was more taxing on the brain than I thought. Just a few days left of training and then we will be up and running (said with fingers crossed) on our new EMR. Can't wait till it is running smoothly and all those wonderful Medicare reports that I have to do monthly by hand should be available with a click of the button yahoo!!!
Yesterday Kim and I headed to Mystic Paper. I dropped my apron off and we caught up with Kim J and a brief howdy with Jennifer. Carlene was in so was able to visit with her. Judy B was also hanging out and it has been a long time since Ihad seen her. It was nice to catch up. From Mystic it was to Sweetcakes for lunch. Yummy pecan chicken salad and a lemon bar. Then it was off for a amarthon of ribbon, lace and trims buying escapade with Kim. Hmmm I may have to rethink who can spend more Kim>Colleen. I think Kim won this one. Of course …

Yeap I am a SLACKER!!!!!

So it has been way over a week since I have blogged according to family and friends. Yeap you can call me the blog slacker. Do I have a really really good reason for not blogging ummmmm nope. Just didn't have a whole to say and not a whole lot going on.
Circumstances have a way of changing things and I am so sad that my BFF is going through some really tough times right now. Guess alot of my focus has been with her.
Then add a new EMR being installed at work and I am swamped with training on the new computer system, getting patient data entered on a bazillion patients and trying to keep up with all the regular stuff. Still not a good excuse for the lack of blogging but there ya have it.
So I guess I best recap. Last weekend Kim, Aliya and I went to the Merchant Square Flea Market. We had a great time and I found a few things to purchase. But the big scores of the day were Aliya. Man she just looked at something and the vendors brought down the price or handed it to her. She was so cu…