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As Jean so sweetly reminded me last evening it has been a long time since my last post. And here it is Memorial Day Weekend already. Looks like this summer is going to be gone in a blink of an eye.
It has been so windy here that it has been hard to be out working on my yard. and believe me it needs work. Lots of landscaping, planting still to be done,but I seem to be raking up wind blown debris more than anything else. Some of my plants are in bloom and I am so enjoying their sweet colors against an otherwise brown brown landscape.

I guess my biggest or latest news is I finally decided a new car was in order. I have been enjoying the no car payment thing for a few years but it was time to let the jeep go and find a reliable source of transportation. I am loving my new choice the Ford Escape. I especially like the security of the navigational system although "she" can be quite annoying when I fail to follow her instructions to the T. I also have hands free phone and al…

Happy Birthday TJ

Happy Birthday TJ.When I think back to your birth the things that stand out the most is you were the easiest delivery. You were the most laid back easy baby. You very rarely cried you were happy and giggled and laughed so much. You were slow to talk but you were so busy dismanteling my cupboard doors, radios and anything else you could find, that you had no time to talk!
You make me so proud as you are the best son, a great brother to Jenn and a wonderful Uncle to Sadera and Anthony.
We love you have a great day today.

A Little This and a Little That

Here it is the weekend again. Another week has passed by so quickly. It is once again the old routine of clean, do laundry, work on the pool and yard. Same old routine for the weekend. A bright spot today is a hair cut and color. And hopefully a visit to PV to visit for a brief time with Tina. We haven't been able to connect since April so we have a lot of catching up to do.

I have been in a get things completed mode. I have one bizillion partially finished, not finished and not started classes. So I set a goal to finish my last 3 big classes. I am done done done and so happy I completed these.

I finally finished the class I took at ETC "Shabby Masters" Love this album and need to get more pics printed for the album. I learned so many new techniques. It was a wonderful class and Maija and Earleen were my partners in crime.

Next up was the wall hanging class from Kristen. A beautiful piece of art that Kristen stepped up through in making. It is done and hangi…

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, Sister, Daughter, Sisters-in law, and all my friends

The Celebration Continues

This has been a week of celebration. Thursday was being treated to yummy food and BD cards by the staff, Friday was a special lunch with Earleen, Annette and Kelli.
Today was time for family. We met at the Elephant Bar for lunch. We had Sadera's, TJ's and my birthdays to celebrate and Mothers day to honor. Our lunch was the best. We started with coconut shrimp, calamari and artichoke dip and chips. We each had a yummy main courses and the finale was creme brulee for the adults and ice cream sundaes for the kids. We left happy and stuffed.

This has been such a special week and one I will remember for a long long time.
I am looking forward to relaxing and staying in my PJ's all day tomorrow. I am certainly enjoying all my flowers cards and gifts. Thank you to all of you that helped me celebrate another year.

And it is on to another year

Another year is here. Thursday was my birthday. It was exactly what I wanted low key. I had many messages from friends and family to brighten my day. We had my favorite lunch tacos and Amanda brought a fresh fruit torte. Yummo. My staff brought in a huge birthday cake, ice cream and brownies. Yeap a high carb wonderful day.

Today I took the day off and had lunch with 3 fun wonderful friends. Good conversation, tons of laughter and great food. A perfect ending to the week.

Tomorrow is family celebration for Sadera's, TJ's and my birthdays and Mothers day. The gifts are wrapped and ready. Looking forward to a fun lunch and catching up with everyone.

A new Day

All I can say is it is a new start to the week. Still no draining pipes anywhere in the house. They have been out 3 times and to no avail despite high tech cameras and locating devices. The ever elusive clean out is still missing in action!! So today again begins the big digging. Lets hope by the time I get home from work I have a fully functionung draining system in my house. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Birthday Sadera

Happy Birthday Sadera!!!
Today is Sadera's 12th birthday. She is growing up too fast. She is celebrating with her BFF tonight and next weekend is the family celebration for 3 May birthdays

Today has been the most frustrating plumbing problem day with no end in sight. They will return tomorrow at 6am to start digging up the front yard looking for the ever elusive clean out valve and sewer line. Should be a fun day

On a positive note Maija is having a Be My Friend giveaway. Hop over to her blog and sign up
I will update the progress of the plumbing tomorrow