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It's a Party

Appetizer "Smoked Salmon"
Beth,me and Colleen at Houstons
My birthday cake warm applecobbler with huge waluts and ice cream
My birthday headpiece
Beth, Colleen was playing photographer and really liked my camera. Oh duh Colleen you bought the same camera as did beth and I on the same day last year on Beth's Birthday. And it is still in it's box!!!! Get it out girl and get using it.

Tattoo Adventure

We have arrived. Will she?? will I??

Yes she will!!! Brian working on the Buffalo.

Finished 2 hours and 15 minutes and many breaks for Brian. Nope not me. I said NO, I meant No??and No it is. Now did I want that little face on my ankle you bet. One thing Pain!! Not for me!
Out 0f order this is the drawing Brian put on Colleen's arm before starting. Way to go Colleen. You fulfilled a promise to your nephew and I bet he is smiling down on you today. On to the celebration at Houstons.

Sadera & Anthony School Pics

These are the newest school pics for 2006. Taken at Kyrene this spring. Haven't they grown up so much???

After our class at Ink It we headed over to Jan's Stampin Up open house "Cards, Cocktails and O'dheurves". What a blast! John was the officially barman and chef. Great food. Huge shrimp grilled to perfection, chicken kabobs, veggies and dips and margaritas oh my. Needless to say making of cards was a fun treat with all the goodies we ate and drank. Great fun.

More Saturday class pics

Book is finally finished. I like this little book. Clay embellishments were easy and added a lot of dimesion to the book.

Saturday's class@ Ink It "Enlightment"

Mary Ellen, Colleen holding flat Victoria in her last great adventure, Jenny @ Ink It. This was a fun fun fun class. Enlightment was the name of the book. I need to finish one page and put budahs on the pages.
Embellishments made with clay. This is so fun.

Rusty Pickle Class Tuesday nite

This was another great class at Devine Memories. Lance "Mr Pickle" was laid back, calm, and oh so patient with a room full of women. Great class great book. Still have some finishing to do.

Cover of the Sweet & Sassy Book.

Easter Sunday scenes

Food,family, and F-U-N!!! We had a super great relaxing fun day with lots of good food, games and laughter. The pork loin roast turned out super moist and tender, and all the sides were soo good. As usual too much food. Anthony was happy with his deviled eggs as Grandma Sherry followed the "rule" and had eggs on Easter. Following our meal the kids opened their baskets and then we played with all their stuff. We ended the day with CLUE. Cheaters were among us! Lots of laughs that is for sure. Hope all our family, friends and special people in our lives had a good day.

Happy Easter

My tulips for my center piece for dinner.

Happy Easter to me Happy Easter to me Surprise it is here already
Oooh my it is so cuteSunshine Quickutz Yeah
This is my Easter Gift to me!!!!

Finally done with Altered Art Book for April

The 3 layouts I did for Lauries book. I so struggled with this book and it should have been an easy one WORDS now hard can that be. Anyway it is done and I can now relax till next round. Only 2 more trades and then we will get our books back. I'm anxious to sit and look at mine and take it all in. This has been fun for me, nerve wracking anxiety at first but the more I do the more I stretch my mind and do different things. Must be all the classes I take ha ha

Signs of Spring

Finally beautiful moderate temperatures and flowers blooming has arrived. It is Spring! Well weeds have arrived to. They seem to resist my pulling efforts and multiply faster than I can pull. It is time for the big guns "Weed Killer" Put that on my list of things to get at Walmart today along with Narnia for the kids. Here are a few pics of flowers in bloom. Unfortunately won't last long when the heat arrives but for now they are beautiful. I sure miss my hibiscus tree in the beautiful blue -purple flowers.

More April Challenge stuff


The Jeep is fixed oh yeah

I took the Jeep in yesterday to get a tune-up and fix a leaking what I thought was a radiator hose. Yeap there was a leak could it be so simple as a radiator hose. Oh no it was the water pump. So 4 hours of sitting later I have a new radiator hose, new water pump and the oil is changed. That is 500 dollars worth of tune-up. Seriously, I hate putting money into cars. They should run forever and not need expensive repairs.
Now that the car is fixed I can get about without worrying about getting stranded so today is the usual mundane things of grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning or..... I mite just play in my scraproom all day. Ha!
Colleen is in Brite Germany and having a ball. Beth is in Texas as her Mother passed away, and me still in Chandler.
Looking forward to a sunny quiet weekend. Yes pool I hear you, you need attention.

More class pics & layouts for April challenge

Sadera's 70's day for Spirit Week at School

My attempt at Heidi Swapp Masks on a layout. Lesson learned DO NOT stick mask on a photo bad bad bad results. Mask leaves a very sticky finish on the photo !!

PJ day for Spirit Week

Jan's Card class 4/5/06 Loved the class


Gosh it is Friday already and I have the day off. Thanks "Boss"! Looking back over my blog I see I have been adding lots of pics, but not blogging. What is up with that? Lets see I have lots of positives :
1 It's Friday whoo
2.Taking the day off yipee
3.State survey is done and sent AGAIN!!!!
4.TJ won his poker tournament Way to go TJ win lots of money ha ha on to Vegas baby
5.Taking lots of fun classes learning lots
6.More creative this month
7.Anthony is an EEL in swim classes yeah Anthony
8.Rolodex swap completed
9.Classes the 18,22,23,26

1. Beth's Mom passed away yesterday
2.Must take the Jeep in for tune-up$$$$
3.Don't have the Altered Book layouts done
4.Yard is a mess
5.Colleen is in Germany guess that is also a positive miss ya Colleen

So it should be a great weekend, great weather and an extra day off.

Sadera's Spirit Week

Kyrene school had Spirit Week and Sadera & Jenn got into the "spirit" of the week.Above is one of the pics of mismatch day.
70's was this theme. All 3 of us got into the spirit of this. Thank heavens for Goodwill! I think this was Sadera's favorite day.

Sports day. Got a luv them Diamondbacks
And last but not least we have PJ day.