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Weekend Happenings

Another weekend that has flown by. It seems there is never enough time to accomplish all I want or need to do.
Saturday Colleen and I took a class at Devine Memories with Kim Kwan. We made an art journal and had so much fun painting and constructing the journal out of recycled and reused things. It was interesting to see what we all used and the ideas everyone had. It was a quiet class which is very unusual for the group that was there. Usually Colleen, Kim H, Maija and I are the loud chatter bugs not yesterday. Guess we were all so into our projects we weren't talking much. Kim is so much fun and gave us lots of ideas and encouragement. I used my Stampin Up water crayons for the first time and they were amazing. After we packed up and did a little shopping we went to grab something to eat at Wildflower as poor Colleen had not eaten before class due to her Tai Chi World Peace thing in Scottsdale. We had a really nice visit and we all got caught up on what has been going on in our l…

Friday at last

Wow another week of April is gone. It was a fairly busy week at work with lots of office patients and more difficult knee rehab and weight training seesions. Good thing I have a patient trainer as I surely did complain this week especially Thursday with the kick boxing and the grueling horrid stair climber machine. But it is Friday and the short weekend looms ahead. I have class with Kim Kwan tomorrow at Devine Memories. I am really looking forward to that. Have many things packed for the class. We are doing an Art Journal.

Lets see it was a pretty quiet week. I am hooked on Dancing With the Stars and of course American Idol. I was so disappointed Carley was eliminated. And my favorites are still on Dancing with the Stars.

Wed nite was our extra class at Jan's. We made 5 really fun cards using some new techniques. Bleach was the big technique and we made a beautiful floral card plus some really cute baby cards.

A while back actually it was during Kim's birthday countdown…

The War Continues!!!

My saga with TJ's parrot continues. How come us Moms get all the pets to keep when children move and can't have animals??? Good question as I am the lucky recipient of the parrot and a lovable lab.
Anyway the saga of this bird never ends. As I had posted before TJ arrived yesterday to help me in the yard and the pool the bird was not on his best behaviour this past week. Well I decided it was a good time to clean the bird cage namely my son was here to monitor the bird. Best laid plans right? I wasn't as careful as I could or should have been and Mr Parrot escaped his cage and to make matters worse MOCKED me with his evil laugh. I proceeded to clean the drawer put nicely laid newspapers in the bottom all neat. After a bit of difficulty and a towel wrapped around the bird TJ was able to get him back in. He was a not happy, he was a miserable angry bird. He promptly went to the bottom of the cage and ripped up the paper and proceeded to throw it out of the cage piece by piece…

Saturday Happenings

What a busy day. TJ came in from Casa Grande with difficulty due to the resurfacing on I-10, 202 and whatever other road he wanted. He helped me well he did it trim the bushes in the front yard. We cleaned up that mess and it looks good. We met Jen, John, and the kids for lunch at a noisy pub. But we still had fun. After our lunch TJ and I worked on the pool and the pool area. I got almost all of the weeds pulled and TJ brushed down the sides of the pool, shocked it and put in the algacide. Hopefully this will clear it up.

I joined Karla and Beth's "Birds and Bonnets" Vintage workshop swap. After joining they sent a link for the images to be downloaded. We needed to make 4 panels front and back with at least one of the images they sent. We have a wide range to choose from. There are vintage women in bonnets, birds and wallpapers. They could all be alike or all different. This has been a ball trying to figure out what I wanted to do. After we mail them in they will combine…

A New Look

I was getting really tired and frustrated with the look of my old blog, so I took the plunge and switched to the new and improved?? blogger. After a pretty frustrating evening and some time this am I think I have my new blog figured out and hopefully fixed. So there it is the new blog. The banner is from Mike P. He has banners on his flickr site for us illiterate computer people to use. Thanks Mike.
I like the fact that I can now add buttons for the swaps I do, and I can kind of sort of figure out my banner. So at least for now this is the new and improved look of the day

My bird has been oh so very bad this week. Everytime I clean his cage and put fresh papers down he scrambles to the bottom and rips them into tiny shred. Usually alot of them end up on the floor. I was so mad at him last Sun PM when he immediately started this that I threw his empty bird food container in the cage hoping he would focus on that. Well he didn't. But when I waked in the door Tuesday he wa…

What a Day

I was lucky enough to have a very full, long, lots of laughter, creative day with Tim Holtz at Mystic Paper and to help Kim celebrate her birthday. It was a day filled with tons of creativity, laughter and celebrating. Kim C and Cheryl S drove in from California Friday and were able to pull off a big surprise for Kim. Yes she was surprised if the shreaks when she turned around were any indication. There were 6 of us enjoying the entire day with Kim and Tim Holtz. After our first class we met Michelle for lunch. I hadn't seen her in a long while so it was good to catch up. I guess we now have the same reputation as Kim H and her groups as one lady moved several tables back as we were a bit loud I guess??? before the 1st class started OOPS!!! Once class started we were model students. No really we were!!!

Here is Colleen and Kim before our day started. Those of you that know Colleen know that she picked me up early and we stopped at Starbucks and were at Mystic by 7:45. C…


Here it is Sunday already. My gosh the weekend is almost gone and it will be back to work tomorrow. But it is one more day closer to Tim Holtz next Saturday.
This was a good rehab week for me. I have been out of my brace since Wednesday and so far so good. Exercises going well, knee now bends at 90 degrees and I can walk half way normal. Have a ways to go, well along ways, but this has been a week of good progress. I am much less depressed and worried about my final outcome at this stage of the game. As you can see in the pic below the knee is less swollen and actually looks like a real knee!!!

Yesterday I cleaned and did laundry while Colleen took her father-in-law to a Parkinson seminar. Colleen was on cloud nine when she stopped by. Roy was able to stand from a sitting position and walk maintaining his balance with the therapy they taught him. Yeah Roy!! We decidied to take a short trip to find our copper etching chemicals and to see a new store. It was almost four so it w…