Weekend Happenings

Another weekend that has flown by. It seems there is never enough time to accomplish all I want or need to do.
Saturday Colleen and I took a class at Devine Memories with Kim Kwan. We made an art journal and had so much fun painting and constructing the journal out of recycled and reused things. It was interesting to see what we all used and the ideas everyone had. It was a quiet class which is very unusual for the group that was there. Usually Colleen, Kim H, Maija and I are the loud chatter bugs not yesterday. Guess we were all so into our projects we weren't talking much. Kim is so much fun and gave us lots of ideas and encouragement. I used my Stampin Up water crayons for the first time and they were amazing. After we packed up and did a little shopping we went to grab something to eat at Wildflower as poor Colleen had not eaten before class due to her Tai Chi World Peace thing in Scottsdale. We had a really nice visit and we all got caught up on what has been going on in our lives.

Colleen and I were really excited when she dropped me off as Carol Wingert's monthly kit was waiting at my door. Looks like another great kit and we are going to work on them together next Sat at my house. Should be a fun day.

When we were at class, Kim K had the cutest little jars for water for our paint brushes. When we asked her where she got these cute jars we found out they contained yogurt from Tader Joe's. So after dinner we made a quick stop at Trader Joe's and yeap you guessed it picked up some yogurt. Not only are the jars cute but the yogurt is soooo good. I have had the mixed berry and the ginger cinnamon and both are great

The cute little jar!!

My covers that I was working on for my art journal

Some of the pages. I used envelopes, post cards, plastic bags that rub ons came in, chipboard, a little canvas, scraps of paper. basically you name it I used it

Tags that I adhered together and sprayed with glimmer mist

More pages

Some of the journal pages I put in

And here it is put together. I had to make myself stop as I could have gone on and on as I was having so much fun recycling lots of stuff.

So laundry awaits me. I guess I need to accomplish something besides creating today. Have a great week. Later


Maija said…
You and Colleen are so funny going out and getting those yogurts for the jars! Why am I not surprised??

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