Saturday Happenings

What a busy day. TJ came in from Casa Grande with difficulty due to the resurfacing on I-10, 202 and whatever other road he wanted. He helped me well he did it trim the bushes in the front yard. We cleaned up that mess and it looks good. We met Jen, John, and the kids for lunch at a noisy pub. But we still had fun. After our lunch TJ and I worked on the pool and the pool area. I got almost all of the weeds pulled and TJ brushed down the sides of the pool, shocked it and put in the algacide. Hopefully this will clear it up.

I joined Karla and Beth's "Birds and Bonnets" Vintage workshop swap. After joining they sent a link for the images to be downloaded. We needed to make 4 panels front and back with at least one of the images they sent. We have a wide range to choose from. There are vintage women in bonnets, birds and wallpapers. They could all be alike or all different. This has been a ball trying to figure out what I wanted to do. After we mail them in they will combine four panels and join to make a screen.

So anyway I did 4 birds and 4 women using a combination of the images.

Then to accompany the panels they asked for 4 tags with our information on them. This is what I came up with

My tag for the Nursery Rhyme Swap I am hosting. The tags are arriving and it is such fun to see what everyone is doing. I have Cheryl, Suzanne, Heidi, Kim and Colleen's tags. Each is so unique and beautiful. Lots of work went into the tags. I can't wait till the rest arrive.


Kim Caldwell said…
So beautiful Sherry! I love how you combined the images. Also, love the new blog style. Way to go!

Hugs, Kim
Stunning! Thank you for your lovely comments and inspiration! Denise
Maija said…
Just fabulous, Sherry! I have to finish up my tags!!
Kim said…
wow you've been busy this weekend. and creating up a storm. love your cards you came up with. and the bird just cracks me up. of course we have our very own portrait of pedro.

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