Where did the weekend go????

It doesn't seem to matter if I have 3 days off or a normal Saturday & Sunday off, it is never ever enough. Here it is already 7pm and I am getting ready for work tomorrow. Last early day and then back to the old routine. So what did I accomplish this weekend?? not too much as far as the home front goes. Just the usual laundry and clean but no yard work. Now on the creative level I had a great inspiring weekend. I rode to Payson with Earleen and Annette on Sat am for a class by the 2 gypsy girls Debbie and Paula. I had my doubts I could construct a house that would stand. Due the patience of the 2 Gyspsie Girls my house is still standing today:) I loved this class. The roof holds the little album and the clever use of the 7 Gypsy elastics made the page signatures so easy.

After class we joined Annette and her family at their reunion. Invited crashers we were. We feasted on Alaskan Salmon thank you Robert and all the yummy goodies from a reunion. A couple of quick stops at two stores (again thanks Robert for your patience) and a few purchases in the cute boutique of hats, scarves and a new top, and we were off to home.

It was wonderfully sunny but cool in Payson. It was a great day. Thanks Earleen and Annette

Earleen and I

Debbie Earleen and Paula

My house love this project

One side of the roof

The roof in closer detail. The little album is connected to the roof
Inside the album

Still working on my Romantic Gothics Ghosts class. Loving every project

Hope everyone has a good week


Holly Loves Art said…
Hi Sherry!
So glad you had a nice day. So sorry about the weekend going by too fast - I always say that. Whoever came up with the idea that weekends should only be 2 days was not thinking clearly!
Have a great week ahead!!
Tina said…
I just love the House & Booklet! So glad your weekend was full of fun! Far better than cleaning house or doing yard work!!! :D
Annette Schwab said…
It was a fun day!!!!!
In My Blue Room said…
loved you house and what fun you must have had!
In My Blue Room said…
loved you house and what fun you must have had!
sherry said…
Thanks everyone for the love. It was a great way to spend a Sat

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