Carol's Heirloom Class

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Carol's Heirloom class on Sat. What a wonderful day with the most amazing hostess Patty and the best teacher Carol. The food was so fabulous, the group of ladies the best, and our class simply over the top. Below are the photos of my finished book. I love it. More posts on the food later. I can't say thank you enough to Carol, Patty, Earleen and Annette for encouraging me to join them

Beautiful fabric cupcakes were gifted to us by Carol. As a bonus she taught us how to make them!

Our class kit

Inside the case

My book

Colleen and I are taking Jenny Hernandez class at Mystic Paper in October


Sandy Michelle said…
You're so lucky you get access to all those cool classes Sherry!!

Sandy :)
Teah said…
Dang Sherry, You cranked on that. I think I only got three pages done. Way to go girl!
Andrea said…
Sherry it turned out absolutely lovely!!! Oh my gosh what a kit! And that cupcake sooo darn cute:)
In My Blue Room said…
oh my love love love it!! cant wait to take one of her classes!
Judy said…
Your book is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Ahhh!! You got your book done already!! I haven't had a chance to do anything further .. but this weekend ... I've got big plans ... I'd best stop time to be able to get it all done!! It was nice to see you again on Saturday!
Tina said…
So very cool!! Carol really out did herself. And oh...I want to take Jenny's class in Oct but I will still be out of town. Maybe next time.

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