The Stockings Were Hung

I hosted a small group for a Christmas Stocking Swap. I kept the group small due to my time and work constraints and deadlines I was facing. My idea for the swap came from a wonderful online class I took with Nancy Maxwell James of Sugar Lump Studios. I really enjoyed her class and all her helpful tips and so the idea was born.
I assigned secret partners, to each of the members as well as a Dec 10th deadline. Christine suggested we all wait and open our boxes on the same day. So today is the reveal. The stocking are gorgeous and it has been fun as the photos came in to see how each of us interpreted the theme. We designed and filled our stockings with goodies and then mailed to our partner.
Below are the photos of our stockings and a little thank you I sent to each of the gals. The stockings are in no particular order just how they came up on the computer. I am already thinking of next year :) and what we could do and to being more organized time wise so I can invite more gals to join.
A special thank you Julie, Denise, Christine, Mary, Teah, Karen and Colleen for joining. All of your stockings are just so beautiful.

Little Christmas cones I made for each of the participants

Denise's Stocking

Julie's Stocking

Teah's stocking

Mary's stocking

Karen's stocking

Colleen's stocking

Christine's stocking



Anonymous said…
Thank you for hosting this Sherry! It was very fun and all of the stockings are beautiful ! Loved our special cones from you as well! Thank you so much! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I think everyone outdid themselves.what a talented group of friends we have!
Tina said…
The stockings are just stunning! And your gifts to everyone are just adorable. What a fun idea! Looks like everyone had a good time with the swap!
karen said…
This has been the best swap I have ever been in... and I was lucky enough to open mine in front of the artist herself !!!Christine delivered it to my Quilt Shop in Big Bear Lake I was so surprised. The stocking was beautiful and filled with estate findings... What a great day! then I came home to find Sherrys gift,a beautiful cone which is on my tree thank you Sherry. Don't forget me next year! Karen S.
Holly Loves Art said…
Hi Miss Sherry!
Happy holidays! Wow what a lovely swap to play in. Just love each and every one of the stockings. They are all so different and unique! Everyone did beautiful work!
Big hugs,
Ana Márquez said…
You have a beutiful blog full of so wonderful things :-) I'm glad to have found your site. I'm Ana, I am from Spain and love crafting works. Nice to meet you :-)

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