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Saturday Ramblings

Today was just an average Saturday for me. It started as most Saturdays with coffee at Starbucks. Only difference is I had a pumpkin spice cookie. They are back yeah!!!!!
From Starbucks we headed to our hangout Mystic Paper to check out all the new Cavallini papers. Just had to have the new pink file folder and the Christmas paper with the birds. They are beautiful. We were trying to be fiscally responsible what a laugh!!! I picked up the new Somerset magazines, flashcards that are so darn cute, paper (like I need more paper) and the Cavallini bird cards. Fun catching up with Kim and Jennifer. Mike was holding one his great bees wax classes. Mike is heading to Ranger U next week. Lots going on down there!

Unfortunately we were unable to connect with Kim H as she was running running running with birthday parties, mom's taxi service and on and on. Not to worry we will catch up with her next week. Colleen and I stopped and grabbed lunch at TC Eggington's before heading home. Now I…

Visitors of the good kind

I had 2 visitors this afternoon. Not birds or critters of any kind either. Jenn and Sadera popped over for a short visit. They delivered Anthony's scout thing he was selling. They also were excited about all the purses Colleen had left here. Sadera had fun looking through them all.

I spent a greater share of the day finalizing the packaging of the swaps for Artistic Affaire Deux in 2 weeks. Getting really excited about the weekend. I joined the house swap, canvas swap and the cigar box swap. All are done just needed to figure out the packaging. Yesterday at Zoey's I picked up some beautiful muted material with flowers and birds. I made little envelopes with lace and buttons to put the houses in. It took me a bit to figure out the pattern but I finally came up with it and from there on it went pretty quickly. I only needed to make 6 of them so that wasn't so bad

For the canvas I used a Halloween bandanna and then added a tag. We won't know who are swap partner is until we…

Purses-Purses-Purses and more Purses!

What a beautiful day today was. I was up early and forced myself to go running. Yeap I ran for 15 minutes. Pretty proud of myself as I struggle to keep this knee limber. It was beautiful at 7 am. Peaceful, quiet and cool. After my run it was time to get ready for shopping with Colleen
(Colleen has her own blog now pop on over and say hi to her)
Colleen is getting ready for a major redo on her house. In cleaning out all her rooms and packing things so they can paint and tile she has destashed. Well guess who is the recipient of her destashing. That would be me!!! Today she brought over many many many purses, most of them Coach and some of them never used. SOOOOO I got to pick which ones I wanted and then Jenn and Sadera are going to be the proud owners of the rest of them. I am just passing on the favor.
Here is a pic of most of the purses

Then it was on to Starbucks and from there to Mystic Paper. I needed to pick up my Bingo cards from a swap I participated in and Colleen needed many man…

My day as they say was.... "For the Birds"

Yeap that is what I said. It was a bird day. I got up this am and opened the windows and doors as it was cool and beautiful out there. I had a ton of yard work that needed to be done, so I was in and out of the patio to the garbage many times.
After picking up the patio it was the front yard that needed some attention. Again doors are wide open. I am trimming my bougainvillea on a ladder, the parrot is screeching and hollering and suddenly 5 birds come swooping towards me. Yeap they were parrots and yeap you guessed it they flew in my house. NOW my parrot is going completely bonkers screeching and hollering. The 5 parrots are screeching and hollering and sitting on my birds cage. He is not I repeat not a happy camper. So in I run well fast walk quickly go down the hall and close all the doors and shoo them out. Actually I think they were probably pretty tame but I didn't attempt to try to hold out my hand to see if they would perch. Anyway out they went and flew to my next door nei…

Good-bye Ms Blue

Ms Blue has gone on to greener (or bluer) pastures and is with a new family now. I hope she does well and we will miss her. Pretty sad to see her go, but all is well in the end.

So after a really long week at work today is my day to kick back and play. Went over to Jan's to pick up my StampinUp order and then the usual Starbuck's. From there it was to Mystic Paper so I could drop off my ATC swap and Bingo card swap. Mike Putman had left my skeleton package that I had won from his Monday blog giveaway. I was thrilled with all of the skeletons in it. Have plans for these guys

I had ordered lots of new trims from Kim's Etsy and she was nice enough to deliver them to me. Little Aliya gave both Colleen and I goodie bags with some of her original art work and lots of goodies from her Mom's stash. She was so cute delivering them to us. She had them in a white bag with tissue tied with a ribbon. It was just too cute. Kim has some really neat black and white trims in her Etsy che…

A Tour

My family and friends know I work in a dialysis center in Casa Grande, but alot of people haven't seen where I actually work. I had to take pics of our unit last week so I decided to give you a brief glimpse of my home away from home. Colleen and her Mother-in-law Daisy stopped briefly today, so Colleen could pick up boxes lots of boxes.

This is the front of our building, which houses the dialysis center and the Doc's private practice. There is a circular drive and in the middle of it is a cactus garden thingy

The lobby where the office and dialysis patients wait. The double glass doors in the back is our education room.

The Patient hallway where we weigh in the patients before they go on dialysis. Also the SW and Dieticians offices are on this hallway. You can't see it but the scale is built into the floor for ease of patients in wheel chairs.

The actual dialysis area. 16 stations and each patient has their own TV. We dialyze 3 shifts of patients per day Monday-Saturda…

Coming down off cloud nine

Slowly our cloud nine is drifting downwards. It is back to reality of work work work.
Update on little Ms Blue. She is well and oh so happy in her new home surrounded by all of TJ's wood working tools and gadgets.

Jenn,John and kids are back from a week in Hawaii. They brought me back a bling Hawaiian t shirt.

And Kona coffee. Can't wait to grind it and try it

And to make my day absolutely perfect I was the winner of Mike's skeleton drawing. Yippee I can do some awesome stuff with this package. Check out Mike's blog as he has great collage sheets and wonderful give aways

It's a Blue Monday

Today was "Blue Day" for us, as TJ went out to the casino to pick up his new car he won Friday nite. I rode along to help. He had decided to trailer it back to Casa Grande. It was certainly an exciting afternoon.
Here is little Ms Blue waiting patiently for us to pick her up.

TJ with the title

On the trailer tied down and ready to roll

The trunk holds 5 bags of groceries!!

Claudia and I taking her for a quick spin.

Due to a big dust storm and some big rain drops we were not able to put the top down. This a super fun car to drive. I wasn't fast enough to get pics of TJ and the Doc going for a spin. Congrats again TJ. Love the new car

Sunday Stuff

Been a pretty productive day here at my house. Worked out in the yard and on the pool till I just got too hot to do anymore. Laundry is done house is cleaned and mopped and I even managed to throw a roast in the crock pot. I am now ready for a nap, like not as if I take a nap now I will not sleep tonight.
So here I am finishing up all my swaps. Thank heavens my houses, cigar box and canvas are finished. Just have my cookbook to finish up from last Saturday's class with Kim

For a short week I managed to pack alot in it from work to play.
Wednesday nite was our monthly Stampin Up class at Jan's. We got to play with the Big Shot and learn just some of the neat things it does.
Here is the card we made using one of the new stamp sets

I am so lucky to be attending Kim Caldwell's event in Oct. Our packet arrived this week. So elegant and so fun.

Still working out and attempting to run. My feet and legs have been so sore so off we went to find new running shoes. Love the color but most…

And the Winning Ticket

Picture of new car has been added scroll down

Is TJ wahoo TJ. I got a call last night from the casino with TJ laughing and telling me he won the Smart Car being given away by the Casino. We had been joking all day that the likelihood of one of his 40 tickets being drawn was next to zero. What a shocker when he called. He was so excited. I have no details other than he won, he was so excited and he gets the car on Monday. Imagine TJ from his huge Dodge pick up to a little tiny Smart Car. Now I am thinking maybe MOM needs this car hmmmmm

So do I hope it is the convertible oh yah

But I am betting it looks more like this what do you think???

So after I get all the details I will post more info

Here is the actual car that TJ won! He will pick it up on Monday and Harah's will be sending him the pictures they took of him winning the car. Too cool. A special thanks for the emails, calls and blog comments. We surely are excited, thankful and oh so happy. I think TJ is still on cl…