Today: Chaos, Cooking, Cleaning and Creating

What a day. I think I put the "Labor" into Labor Day. After yesterday, where I basically sat all day I needed to get going. And get going I did. From laundry to cleaning to grocery shopping to creating I have had a busy day.

I have decided that what I eat sucks. I rarely cook a good meal and then at bedtime I am back to starving. So in my great wisdom I decided I needed to get with it and start fixing better meals for myself. Cooking for 1 is not the most inspiring thing. I am so used to cooking for larger groups and I tend to make too much. any how armed with a list for the grocery store and determination I headed out. I shopped and shopped, loaded all the groceries into the car and unloaded all the groceries from the car when I got home. From there it was a whirlwind of mixing and making my meals for the week. But let's be honest I probably made enough for 2 weeks plus.
Groceries waiting to be put away and made into meals

It only took about 30 minutes to whip this all together. I made hamburger patties, meatloaf, cheeseburger pie, veggie quiche and a new recipe from Pioneer Woman that I have been wanting to try "Crispy Yogurt Chicken" The chicken is what I am having for dinner tonight. All the food is wrapped and in the freezer.

And finally I got to eat Fall Harvest Salad with a tart apple cider Dijon dressing, parsley/rosemary potatoes and the Pioneer Woman's Crispy Yogurt Chicken. Everything was good and the chicken recipe is definitely a keeper and so easy too

Following the clean-up of the food, I tackled my Bingo card swap. Actually still working on it, but am having fun painting, layering etc. This is the mess on my kitchen counter

And here is my card partially done. Still adding to it

And here is my ATC for the Mystic Paper Swap for Sept

So it has been a busy fun day and tomorrow it is back to work


Cheryl said…
Wow, you got a lot accomplished today! I'm SO impressed! I'll have to try Pioneer Women's chicken - don't you just LOVE her blog!! Your Bingo and ATC cards are adorable! I managed to get a wall hanging and cigar box finished today for the Sweet & Sinister Swap. Tomorrow - back to work for me, too, after I've been gone a week. NOT looking forward to it!
Paris Cowgirl said…
You are so far ahead of me! can you send me some energy?
You have been busy! Cooking AND crafting! Yay, my kind of day!
Sue M said…
Don't tell anyone but I spent the day on the couch!
kim hesson said…
holy hanah! you got a lot done! in fact if you have extra food you can send it over here! :) love the work you did on your projects as well.
Rebecca Tresler said…
What a busy labor day! Looks like it was all super yummy!!
Michele said…
You need a vacation from your day off! Your projects look amazing...and so does your food!

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