Purses-Purses-Purses and more Purses!

What a beautiful day today was. I was up early and forced myself to go running. Yeap I ran for 15 minutes. Pretty proud of myself as I struggle to keep this knee limber. It was beautiful at 7 am. Peaceful, quiet and cool. After my run it was time to get ready for shopping with Colleen
(Colleen has her own blog now pop on over and say hi to her)
Colleen is getting ready for a major redo on her house. In cleaning out all her rooms and packing things so they can paint and tile she has destashed. Well guess who is the recipient of her destashing. That would be me!!! Today she brought over many many many purses, most of them Coach and some of them never used. SOOOOO I got to pick which ones I wanted and then Jenn and Sadera are going to be the proud owners of the rest of them. I am just passing on the favor.
Here is a pic of most of the purses

Then it was on to Starbucks and from there to Mystic Paper. I needed to pick up my Bingo cards from a swap I participated in and Colleen needed many many things:) I found a few things also like a new paper cutter. Paper cutters are a pain in my life. My 2nd MM one is warped again Grrr so we are trying the new tonic cutter. Looks good we will see. We were able to catch up with Josie as she was teaching her sold out soldering class today. Unfortunately her next class is when we are in cali so we will have to catch the next one she does. Had to restock my graphics 45 and 7 gypsies papers, a few Halloween embellis and get a few things for my Cali classes coming up real soon.
Love my Bingo cards and they had them packaged so cute. I posted individual pics of the cards on my Flickr, just click on it in the side bar and you can see close ups of them.

From Mystic it was to Michael's for more supplies on our list. As you can see I have a few things ready to go. Made a quick stop at Zoey's for needles thread and some material. Love that store too bad I don't sew very much anymore.

And finally my birthday present from Colleen. When she was packing she found my birthday present she had temporarily lost!! I love these cake plates. They remind me of my Grandmother as she had pink glass dishes and I always loved them Unfortunately I didn't get any of them when she passed away. So thank you Colleen I love them. hee hee hee (my birthday was in May) Guess I am glad the squirrel visited you so you had to repaint and tile as you found them!!!


Sherry, I absolutely loved your cards too! I would be interested in doing more swaps in the future most definently!
Just a side note, your present got lost in the mass of linens that I kept piling up and up and up. I am glad I found them because I knew you liked them. I guess the squirrel did do something right and I thought I would never say that!!!!
Love the cake plate set: gorgeous!

I'm going to take a closer look at the Bingo tags on Flickr, they look like fun.


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