A Tour

My family and friends know I work in a dialysis center in Casa Grande, but alot of people haven't seen where I actually work. I had to take pics of our unit last week so I decided to give you a brief glimpse of my home away from home. Colleen and her Mother-in-law Daisy stopped briefly today, so Colleen could pick up boxes lots of boxes.

This is the front of our building, which houses the dialysis center and the Doc's private practice. There is a circular drive and in the middle of it is a cactus garden thingy

The lobby where the office and dialysis patients wait. The double glass doors in the back is our education room.

The Patient hallway where we weigh in the patients before they go on dialysis. Also the SW and Dieticians offices are on this hallway. You can't see it but the scale is built into the floor for ease of patients in wheel chairs.

The actual dialysis area. 16 stations and each patient has their own TV. We dialyze 3 shifts of patients per day Monday-Saturday. Note the big windows behind the patients

This area is behind the windows in the previous pic. Grapefruit,lemon, and orange trees are back here

So that completes my little tour of Western Skies Dialysis (WSD)


Carmen73 said…
I think people who work in dialysis are very caring people. They face life and death issues all the time. My salute to you.
kim hesson said…
hey thanks for the tour. it's funny how you imagine things completely different then how they really are!
Paris Cowgirl said…
Kim's right...it really is different than imagined. What a wonderful thing (job) you do!

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