Saturday Ramblings

Today was just an average Saturday for me. It started as most Saturdays with coffee at Starbucks. Only difference is I had a pumpkin spice cookie. They are back yeah!!!!!
From Starbucks we headed to our hangout Mystic Paper to check out all the new Cavallini papers. Just had to have the new pink file folder and the Christmas paper with the birds. They are beautiful. We were trying to be fiscally responsible what a laugh!!! I picked up the new Somerset magazines, flashcards that are so darn cute, paper (like I need more paper) and the Cavallini bird cards. Fun catching up with Kim and Jennifer. Mike was holding one his great bees wax classes. Mike is heading to Ranger U next week. Lots going on down there!

Unfortunately we were unable to connect with Kim H as she was running running running with birthday parties, mom's taxi service and on and on. Not to worry we will catch up with her next week. Colleen and I stopped and grabbed lunch at TC Eggington's before heading home. Now I need to put all these purchases away and get ready for next week.

Finally the long anticipated event is going to be here. We leave Thursday (Colleen's birthday) for our adventure in California. Friday evening we will be at the French General taking a class making bracelets. Saturday is "the event" at Kim C's home. I just can't wait. Kim H, Carol Wingert and Beth Quinn have wonderful classes planned for us. And knowing Kim C this event will be over the top. All my swaps are completed and packaged, hostess gifts and teacher gifts are completed and wrapped. My supply list has been bought and I think I am down to deciding what to wear and getting that organized. This upcoming week will be perfect to complete Ali Edwards online "documenting a week in your life". I will have tons of pics to add to this album.

While at Mystic Paper I picked up my ATCs from this months swap. We make 6 ATCs and one stays at the store and we receive 5 back. It has been alot of fun and I am glad I joined in.

Here are my ATCs for the October swap. Theme is flowers.

Just a few items I purchased today.

Playing with my camera. Shot this reflection of my palm tree looking into the pool.

Just more playing.

Guess I wrote a book. Need to give a shout out to my sisters son Zachery. He and his fiancee Amy were married in Iowa at a winery this afternoon. I am sure it was a beautiful ceremony and I am looking forward to getting lots of pics.


Maija said…
OMG- are you avoiding me?? I was at Mystic Paper this morning!!! Then I ran across the street after class to meet up with Beth!
kim hesson said…
sounds like you had a fun day! sorry i wasn't able to catch up to you! taxi service is right! gotta say i do love spending time with them though! except when they are arguing! :)
Tina Wishart said…
I love following your blog. I am excited about starting mine too. A bit scary, but fun. Still so much to learn. Thanks for the comment.
Paris Cowgirl said…
I completely forgot about Maija being downstairs when you guys were there! Great photos Sherry. We'll miss you guys next weekend but have a great time!

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