And the Winning Ticket

Picture of new car has been added scroll down

Is TJ wahoo TJ. I got a call last night from the casino with TJ laughing and telling me he won the Smart Car being given away by the Casino. We had been joking all day that the likelihood of one of his 40 tickets being drawn was next to zero. What a shocker when he called. He was so excited. I have no details other than he won, he was so excited and he gets the car on Monday. Imagine TJ from his huge Dodge pick up to a little tiny Smart Car. Now I am thinking maybe MOM needs this car hmmmmm

So do I hope it is the convertible oh yah

But I am betting it looks more like this what do you think???

So after I get all the details I will post more info

Here is the actual car that TJ won! He will pick it up on Monday and Harah's will be sending him the pictures they took of him winning the car. Too cool. A special thanks for the emails, calls and blog comments. We surely are excited, thankful and oh so happy. I think TJ is still on cloud nine.

I am off to Starbucks and then antiquing, lunch with friends, and a stop at Mystic while Colleen is in her blogging class with Mike P


Paris Cowgirl said…
I definitely think Mom should get the car. TJ just doesn't look like an itty bitty car kind of a guy!
Rebecca Tresler said…
That is awesome that he won that!!!
kim hesson said…
oh my goodness can you see him driving this thing? so excited for him! he deserves it!
Maija said…
That is so cool that TJ won a car!!! It's going to cost him next to nothing to run it!
So Colleen it taking a blogging class???? Do you think she might start a blog?????

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