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Time Flies

Gosh, I am a bad blogger! Just couldn't get into it last weekend or this week. I have been busy at work and this past weekend was a very busy weekend. Saturday Colleen wanted to go to Phoenix so off we headed. We found a new to us store called Melrose Vintage. It is a wonderful shabby chic store and yes everyone we found tons of stuff from vintage ribbons, material, a pink enamel baby bathtub (and unfortunately not for sale). Colleen found another piece of furniture for all her coin envelopes and tags and she got it. I fell in love with a vintage post office wall of boxes. I can't tell you how much I wanted it but...... I need a new printer first and secondly I absolutely have no space for it boo hoo. Can I just say it was so neat with the little combinations and locks on the mailboxes. Reminded me of our post office boxes when I was growing up many moons ago. After you buy they wrap your purchases up in the most beautiful tissue paper and then the cute label. That was almos…

INVEST mini album

I worked on my INVEST little book most of the weekend. Most of the construction and stamping is finished. Now I need to journal. Probably the hardest part of all of this. Cover of my book
Introduction and why I'm doing this
1st section of the book
The art section
The me section
Obviously the section on family
Friends section

Good day

Despite the weather being ugly rainy (well sprinkling) and cold. Our family had a good day. My day started out with breakfast at TC's with Colleen and then to our class with Carol Wingert at Ink It. We made a fabric heart book that we painted, inked and embellished. Lots of ways to be creative. Jenn, John and kids went to Southwest Museum for the afternoon where the kids had a big time. TJ was some where in Phoenix climbing rocks with his jeep and the Jeep Club. We all met at 5pm for a Japanese meal at Tsunami in Tempe. Good day!!!
TJ and his jeep climbing the rocks.

MY brand new Starbucks red kitchen aid coffee pot. Too excited. Mine was leaking water badly so now I can make a full pot ofcoffee
Fabric heart book that Carol Wingert taught at Ink It
I still have to finish embellishing my book but you can get the general idea
Inside pages
Inside pages
Back of book


Another week has seemed to have flown by. I am taking a "mental health" day (hooky) from work. Thanks to an understanding kind generous boss I am staying home. So far a pretty productive day and I have several things crossed off my to do list. House is cleaned, swept (thanks Roomba) and mopped. Two loads of laundry done folded and put away so far. Get the put away. I'm famous for folding and stacking. Dishes are done well dishwasher did them but they are done! And I just ate lunch thanks to the newest addition to my household the Paula Deen toaster extrodanaire. I had my version of egg Mcmuffin healthy version. I think I'm gonna like this. Next on the agenda is to make hard cooked eggs yeap this baby cooks 4 hard cooked eggs in the shell. Kim cut out the letter "I" in wood as I chose the word INVEST for my word of the year. I'm altering it and making a mini album of why I chose INVEST and what I plan to INVEST in this year. So far here is a peek of whe…

Happy Birthday

Well today is a special day. Happy Birthday dear sister Jo. Let's see is it the big 56 ??? Special birthday wishes to you for a great day. Wish you were here so we could celebrate. In honor of this special day I scrapped the photo you sent me tonight. See one must be very careful what you email your big sister. Your picture surely show cases your bubbly personality and your zest for life. Enjoy your day.

Another week

Boy has this week flown by. It is hard to believe that is Sunday and tomorrw another work week starts! As usual it was a busy week with classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Of course all classes were at DM. Tuesday nite was Follow the Leader, Wednesday nite was "You Can Quote Me" and Saturday was our altered door class.

Altered door finished and sitting very precariously on my couch so I could try to get a pic of it. Not, I repeat not a good pic but you can get the general idea. Now to hang it. The quote is: "The Way to Know Life is to Love Many Things." "You Can Quote Me"altered wall board. Finished and hanging. No TJ I wasn't up on the ladder just the bar stool! And no accidents and it is still hanging!!!! Quote says: "Art washes away from the soul dust of everyday life."
Finished one of the Follow the Leader layouts
And another of the layouts from Follow the Leader
So it is back to cleaning and laundry for me. Roomba is dead so I…

Here they are

This was a fun filled week of unique classes. Tuesday nite was Kim's class "Write it down" We made a small journal to keep resolutions/goals in for the year 2007. Saturday was an all dayer. Good groups of fun people in both classes. First thing Saturday morning was the "BLING" book. Kim did a great job of blinging this mini album. Fun times. After a quick lunch Michelle taught her 2007 calendar book. Another really great and fun project. Both classes had lots of stamping and embossing. Really got all of our creative juices flowing.
Mean while I decided to join Kim and do the quote of the day journal. Now I'm already behind but I do have the quotes written down and need to figure out what format I want to put them in. This is a more personal journal so I decided to not journal on my blog. Iwant to do an altered art journal. We will see how this works out. The site is called Fancy Simple blogspot. Check it out it is inspiring.
Now the other thing I have taken…

Kiss kiss kiss

Another busy short week is almost gone. I could get used to having Mondays off. Makes the week go by so much faster.
Classes have started again and I didn't realize how much I missed them. Tuesday was Kim's Write It Down class at DM. I love my little book and plan to use it to set some goals. Need to finish the last 3 pages and then it is done and ready for me to write in.
Last nite was our Stampin Up club class. Again lots of fun and we learned to "KISS" with the stamps. We were all excited as we were able to see and use the big flower sell-a-bration stamp on our cards. I covet this stamp so naturally I ordered it as one of my free stamps. Can't wait to get it and play some more. Anyway back to "KISS" what fun this new technique was. I think it gave all of us a new appreciation for our background stamps. So below are the 3 cards we made.
Looking forward to two classes at DM on Saturday.