Another week

Boy has this week flown by. It is hard to believe that is Sunday and tomorrw another work week starts! As usual it was a busy week with classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Of course all classes were at DM. Tuesday nite was Follow the Leader, Wednesday nite was "You Can Quote Me" and Saturday was our altered door class.

Altered door finished and sitting very precariously on my couch so I could try to get a pic of it. Not, I repeat not a good pic but you can get the general idea. Now to hang it. The quote is: "The Way to Know Life is to Love Many Things."
"You Can Quote Me"altered wall board. Finished and hanging. No TJ I wasn't up on the ladder just the bar stool! And no accidents and it is still hanging!!!! Quote says: "Art washes away from the soul dust of everyday life."
Finished one of the Follow the Leader layouts
And another of the layouts from Follow the Leader
So it is back to cleaning and laundry for me. Roomba is dead so I'm patiently waiting for him to recharge his battery so he can begin his chore of sweeping. Life is sooo very hard at my house with all my new toys.


Kim said…
okay i'm logged in! love the new stuff! looks great!

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