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"Narnia" The Bamsey/Vick Adventure

So when we were at lunch last Sunday "we" decided to go see the Narnia Exhibit at the Science Center in downtown Phoenix. Jenn went online and purchased our tickets and our time was at 11 AM today. TJ drove in and picked me up and off we went. Met the Vick's at the parking garage and we were off. Not only were our tickets good for the Exhibit but for almost all the exhibits in the Science Center. Darn we didn't have tickets to the Gross something or other:)
Disney put on this exhibition so unfortunately no photos allowed. It was too bad as there were some awesome photo opportunities with the throne etc. We all enjoyed "Narnia" and had a blast with all the other exhibits. I think most of us thought the Forces of Nature was the best. We were in a hurricane, earthquake, monsoon, tornado, volcanic eruption, wildfire. So we were rained on, wind blown, heated up and shaken. It was a cool exhibit and since it seemed to be hot in the center the rain drops were wonde…

Saturday Ramblings

Not a whole lot to say. Let's see it is hot and that is not new

My day went as planned shopping with Colleen. We were actually home pretty early. Made our trip to Mystic Paper so Colleen could pic up some Tim Holtz things. We picked a good day to go as Kim
had a visitor that tracks the ghosts of Mystic Paper. I won't say anymore and let Kim fill all of ya in. Needless to say I was creeped out. We headed to Melrose to check it out as this is their last weekend at the store and then to ETC for an elusive piece of paper, lunch and home. I was fiscally responsible today hee hee

I did manage to buy a tin star and covered it for the 4th. Didn't come out as envisioned but hey I have one decoration for the 4th

sweet Sadera had been letting her hair grow for a year for locks of love. Her hair is very thick and very curly so she was so ready for a new look. Today was the day and she had her hair cut and styled. This is a cell phone pic from Jenn so can't wait to see it tomorrow. Oh …

A Good day

It's been a long productive good day. I took the day off work to get a long list of things done. (Thanks Boss) I even managed to accomplish most of what was on my list. My house is clean and mopped with a new "green cleaner". I haven't decided if I like it or not. The birds cage much to his anger is cleaned AGAIN and so far he is not ripping up the papers. The laundry is done, groceries are bought and I have managed to work some long hours on the pool. The pool needed some new things like a new hose to vac with and other expensive little gadgets. I swept for over an hour and finally gave up and brushed it down and then back to the vac. Actually looks worse than when I started oops!!!

So anyway I feel like I have actually made some headway and I still have 2 days to rest and relax.

Saturday Colleen and I are off to Starbucks big surprise I know, then to Mystic Paper, then to Melrose and then to maybe Apache Hardware. Looks like it will be a busy day.

And only 2 more days…

Wednesday Wanderings

I have been running across some new to me blogs and sites so thought I would pass some of them on to all of you.
One of my new favorites is Tip Junkie. Fun site check it out
and another one is Snippety Gibbet Enjoy browsing these two new sites and as for me back to work.
Kim H sent me another blog/website and I am totally in love with Kristen's blog and her collage sheets. Check out this wonderful site and sign up for the give away an Angel piece Kristen Habick
Big plans for the weekend, as Colleen is back from her mini vacation in California so I am sure we will have an adventure and Sunday the family is off to Phoenix and the Narnia exhibit. Jenn went online and purchased tickets for all of us. So we are looking forward to that. I am sure I will have lots of pics to share
Catch ya all later

Weekend Recap

The Bamsey/Vick family met for lunch at Firebirds at the Chandler Fashion Mall. TJ highly recommended the restaurant so we all decided (really me) to meet there for lunch today. Well, TJ was 100% right excellent food, drinks and desserts.

Sadera's dance recital was last night so all the Vicks were a wee bit tired.

The place to meet

TJ being patient with Mom as she wanted photos

A small glimpse of inside

Sadera and Anthony aren't they full of energy???

My fillet and shrimp with key lime butter yum!!!

TJ's plank grilled salmon. Note he was the only one that had the most sensible meal the rest of us had very large servings plus appetizers

Seared Ahai tuna guess John and TJ said it was good

And here we are as "we" didn't want to move to the benches in the shade for Mom to get the family pic so "we" are staring into the sun. Anyway we had a good meal and lots of laughs

Saturday I met up with Kim H at Mystic for a quick (ha ha) stop for some more of Tim Holtz emb…

Happy 61st Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad

*Edited to correct the date*
Well I am a week ahead of myself. Go figure My folks anniversary is the 29th not the 21st oops so next week I will wish them another Happy Anniversary :) I need to pay closer attention to the correct week on the calendar!

It is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly. Last year we were all back in Iowa helping you celebrate. This has been quite the 61 years for our family with 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grand children. We are so blessed to have you as our parents, mentors,and advisors. You have taught us that faith, honesty, hard work and that family is number one. Lots of love being sent your way.

Happy Father's Day

My Dad!! Hope you have a great Father's Day Dad!!!

Yesterday was another shopping adventure. The usual Starbucks coffee with Kim and Kelsey and then to Mystic Paper to pick up more Tim Holtz ideology stuff. Believe it or not there is some things we didn't have. Maija was at Mystic so we had a good visit with her. Lots of laughs over all of our adventures. From Mystic it was over to check out Domestic Bliss as Maija had not been there. Again we all had a wish list from there seeing all the new clothes, jewelry and such. Toured Blissful Living and saw the upcoming classes. I liked Beth Quin's glove mounted on a frame. Then on our way to the cars we stopped in to a sweet little hair salon and boutique "ADORN". Jackpot!!! 3 tops and capri pants for me, Maija purchased a sweet top and Kelsey talked MOM into a top and shorts. Good times. We parted ways as Maija wasn't able to do lunch due to prior engagements with sons. Lunched a Sweetcakes yum yum yum. We were some…

A week of goodies

What a fun week this has been. It seems Fed EX, UPS, and Priority Mail have made many stops at my house. I love coming home from work and finding something besides bills waiting for me.
But first before all my pictures ( as you all know I can't blog without pictures) a little recap of my week.

Rehab knee wise was a good week with 4 days of weight training, a day with kick boxing (yeap have started that again, and outside in the heat mind you for more intense knee rehab. I have started to run. Well will qualify that and say between a fast walk and a slow jog but I am out there in the HEAT sweating and trying. My knee is doing well and holding up. It seems to be my mind that refuses to just relax and let go. Vivid flashbacks of the cracking and pain of my knee still plague me when I attempt to do anything that requires full weight on the knee. Oh well time heals so we will keep plunging ahead and working. I seem to do better the more exhausted I get as then I have no choice but to pu…

Our Family = Food + Fun

TJ decided that it had been a while since our small family here in AZ had gotten together and so he planned a Mexican BBQ for all of us. I had the honor of having it at my house and TJ furnished all the food. Jenn and John brought desserts and me well I chipped in with Mango margaritas, and smoothies for the kids. TJ arrived bright and early Sun am and we began the prep work. Our menu was to consist of jalapeno poppers and bacon wrapped shrimp as appetizers, carna asada,fresh tortilla, chips and homemade guacamole for our meal. TJ as usual out did himself with the food. He peeled 75 fresh shrimp from Mexico, made the guacamole and helped me wrap 24 of the shrimp for appetizers plus he did all the BBQ work.

The shrimp he had to clean, my house wreaked of shrimp smell yuck!! But yum they were good

Shrimp and poppers ready for the BBQ

Beloved and adored Uncle TJ with Sadera and Anthony. As usual Anthony was starving

It is on and cooking

Ready to eat and it was so good

All the chicken we had al…

Sunday Morning Escape

Well "Mr Bird" escaped from his cage this am. He had a taste of freedom for about 45 minutes as that is how long it took me to corral him and entice him back in his cage. Of course it was my fault as I was cleaning out his cage getting him fresh water and food. He took advantage of my forgetting to close the small door that I usually feed him through and he was out and about. Imagine my surprise when I came back in from dumping the papers from the bottom of his cage and he was sitting on the door. As usual yeys he mocked me with his evil laugh. I decided to initally ignore him and my bright thinking was to vacuum the floor hoping the noise would make him retreat to his home. Ya well that didn't work everytime I looked from my vacuum he was in TROUBLE. I found him in my purse yes in my purse chewing on my cell phone, then chewing on my table, counter top you name it. Well nedless to say he is back inside and strangely he is very quiet now. I won hee hee