A Good day

It's been a long productive good day. I took the day off work to get a long list of things done. (Thanks Boss) I even managed to accomplish most of what was on my list. My house is clean and mopped with a new "green cleaner". I haven't decided if I like it or not. The birds cage much to his anger is cleaned AGAIN and so far he is not ripping up the papers. The laundry is done, groceries are bought and I have managed to work some long hours on the pool. The pool needed some new things like a new hose to vac with and other expensive little gadgets. I swept for over an hour and finally gave up and brushed it down and then back to the vac. Actually looks worse than when I started oops!!!

So anyway I feel like I have actually made some headway and I still have 2 days to rest and relax.

Saturday Colleen and I are off to Starbucks big surprise I know, then to Mystic Paper, then to Melrose and then to maybe Apache Hardware. Looks like it will be a busy day.

And only 2 more days till Narnia Exhibit at the Phoenix Science Center with the family. I haven't seen the movie but according to the grand kids this should be a super fun day. Our reservations are for 11:00 am so I bet we will have to have a late lunch post exhibit!

So in my effort to do my part for the environment I am trying to use less paper towels. I had purchased this basket at Melrose awhile back and wasn't sure what to do with it. It works perfect I discovered to hold the dish soap and the towels. Yeap even gave up using the dishwasher. But since there is just me it isn't really a big deal to do those few dishes

This is Mr Bird fighting with me because I wanted to clean his messy cage. I WON hee hee

My coveted white kit was delivered Thursday. This is Carol Wingert's June kit and I can't wait to start it.

Finally as most all of you know it is monsoon season and we can get some pretty spectacular cloud colors and formations. As I was talking with a friend I was standing outside and the sun was a beautiful peach/pink color. I had to grab my camera and try to get a pic. Obviously I don't have a telephoto lens but I zoomed in as much as I could and at least you can see the pink color of the sun

Then just a few minutes later it was a bright orange ball.

well that is my day in a nutshell or I should say peanut shell as Mr Bird just threw his empty peanut shell on the floor. He is still mad :)
More on adventures of the rest of the weekend later


Cheryl said…
Wow, what a productive day! You deserve an entire weekend of fun and shopping!! Beautiful shots of the clouds....those monsoons are crazy, though! I experienced a few when my daughter was at ASU! Can't wait to see your finds from tomorrow! I think Kim & I will be hitting the LB Flea Market Sunday AM!
kim hesson said…
wow you got a lot done! wanna come over here??? the photos turned out really nice! love the new blog look.
Rebecca Tresler said…
What a fun white kit you got! What green cleaner are you using? The pictures are so pretty!!

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