Our Family = Food + Fun

TJ decided that it had been a while since our small family here in AZ had gotten together and so he planned a Mexican BBQ for all of us. I had the honor of having it at my house and TJ furnished all the food. Jenn and John brought desserts and me well I chipped in with Mango margaritas, and smoothies for the kids. TJ arrived bright and early Sun am and we began the prep work. Our menu was to consist of jalapeno poppers and bacon wrapped shrimp as appetizers, carna asada,fresh tortilla, chips and homemade guacamole for our meal. TJ as usual out did himself with the food. He peeled 75 fresh shrimp from Mexico, made the guacamole and helped me wrap 24 of the shrimp for appetizers plus he did all the BBQ work.

The shrimp he had to clean, my house wreaked of shrimp smell yuck!! But yum they were good

Shrimp and poppers ready for the BBQ

Beloved and adored Uncle TJ with Sadera and Anthony. As usual Anthony was starving

It is on and cooking

Ready to eat and it was so good

All the chicken we had alot left over

Sadera who is now 10, She has been growing her hair for Locks of Love and in a few more weeks will have it cut. Her Mom can't wait as Sadera's hair is very thick and very curly so it is difficult to manage. Note she has her braces on now. In fact they put them on early as she had done so well with the appliances she was in to begin with

Anthony being Mr Goofball

After that wonderful meal it was down to serious business of "the battle of the sexes" the guys against the girls in all the games we played. I must say usually us girls beat the guys but not Sunday. It ended up in a tie 2 games for the guys 2 games for the girls. We have a good variety of games so it was fun. Sadera and Anthony love playing with us and when it comes Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader ah no the adults are not

Jenn trying to get Sadera to smile

Our competitors these two HATE to lose

It was a wonderful fun day and I love having the kids over. We have so much fun playing games and visiting. Until our next great adventure


Kim said…
hey i couldn't leave a comment on your flickr. saderas hair is getting so long! didn't know she had braces either! all the food looks super yummy! looks like you had a great time!
CeCe said…
Just visited you for the first time. Enjoyed your love of family and the very wonderful pictures of the best of life, family and food!
Well, and some other things of course.

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