Sunday Morning Escape

Well "Mr Bird" escaped from his cage this am. He had a taste of freedom for about 45 minutes as that is how long it took me to corral him and entice him back in his cage. Of course it was my fault as I was cleaning out his cage getting him fresh water and food. He took advantage of my forgetting to close the small door that I usually feed him through and he was out and about. Imagine my surprise when I came back in from dumping the papers from the bottom of his cage and he was sitting on the door. As usual yeys he mocked me with his evil laugh. I decided to initally ignore him and my bright thinking was to vacuum the floor hoping the noise would make him retreat to his home. Ya well that didn't work everytime I looked from my vacuum he was in TROUBLE. I found him in my purse yes in my purse chewing on my cell phone, then chewing on my table, counter top you name it. Well nedless to say he is back inside and strangely he is very quiet now. I won hee hee


Kim said…
sounds like you had a fun time trying to get him back into the cage! gonna have to show aliya these photos!

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