Saturday Adventures

Another Saturday adventure shopping with good friends and Starbucks. Colleen and I decided we needed a visit to Merchant Square and so we invited Kim and Aliya to join the adventure. We met them at Starbuck's for a leisurely coffee, passion fruit lemonade tea, and apple juice. Aliya will be as addicted to Starbuck's as we are. Just sharing the love!!!! After all what is a Saturday morning without Starbuck's???
From Starbuck's it was to Merchant Square. As usual we lost Colleen in the first aisle. She found a wonderful birdcage and she was off. The rest of us Kim, Aliya and I strolled slowly through but eventually we all went our separate ways and all of us found wonderful treasures and great buys. At least we think we did.
So here we go a picture tour of my finds. No birdcage for me as I have the real thing "Mr Bird" at home.

One of my first great finds was this very old canning jar with wooden beads in it. I think these beads were originally strung on leather or ribbon or something like that and were played with by toddlers. At least that is what I think. Any how I love them. Not sure what I will do with them yet besides leaving them in the jar.

Wonderful packages of material, sewing notions, and a whole package of tatting and beautiful lace trims. Already have plans for the tatting pieces

Tablecloth and 12 napkins. My table is so large that I rarely find any retro or vintage ones to fit it. I love this one

Old bottle caps

Set of 3 popcorn baskets. Probably going to hang in my kitchen

Sewing patterns

I have been slowly collecting millinery flowers and fell in love with these plus a hat with very old flowers on it.

And finally another apron to add to my collection.

After all 3 of us checked out we headed to Sweetcakes for a yummy lunch a quick stop at Mystic Paper for a check on Tim Holtz stuff for Colleen and a few pieces of paper for my project and then it was homeward bound for us.
Aliya was a little trooper as we ended up shopping at Merchant's Square for over 2 hours and not once did she complain. She has her Mom's eye and found some neat treasures for all of us to admire. Clowns she is not too fond of especially ones that were lit up. It was too funny. And hey if ya need an honest opinion Aliya will tell you if it is ugly or not :)
So tomorrow all my kids and grand kids are coming over for a Mexican BBQ. TJ is bringing carna asada, fresh tortillas and fresh guacamole mmmmmm should be good. Then it is battle of the sexes as we break out the games.
Hopefully pics of family tomorrow
Until then


Michelle Devine said…
Sounds like a great day
TattingChic said…
I received a link to your post on my google alerts for "tatting" and came right over. What fun things are you going to do with the tatting in the bottom of that baggie? I guess I'll have to check back and see! I LOVE tatting, if ya can't tell by my user ID...LOL.

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