Wednesday Wanderings

I have been running across some new to me blogs and sites so thought I would pass some of them on to all of you.
One of my new favorites is Tip Junkie. Fun site check it out
and another one is Snippety Gibbet Enjoy browsing these two new sites and as for me back to work.
Kim H sent me another blog/website and I am totally in love with Kristen's blog and her collage sheets. Check out this wonderful site and sign up for the give away an Angel piece Kristen Habick
Big plans for the weekend, as Colleen is back from her mini vacation in California so I am sure we will have an adventure and Sunday the family is off to Phoenix and the Narnia exhibit. Jenn went online and purchased tickets for all of us. So we are looking forward to that. I am sure I will have lots of pics to share
Catch ya all later


Rebecca Tresler said…
Tip Junkie looks like so much fun! Not another blog to get hooked on!?!
We'll batten down the hatches and get here early!
Kim said…
oh my gosh you 2 are so funny!
Snippety Gibbet said…
Wow! Thank you for linking to my blog! Now I'll spend some time perusing your's.

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