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Flea Market Finds and Valentine Kits

My day started at 6:30 am or as Colleen says O dark thirty, with Colleen arriving to pick me up for a Flea market adventure. After fortifying ourselves with hot coffee for me and iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso for Colleen we headed to the Merchant Square flea market in their parking lot to meet Kim. Can I say it was 40 some degrees and dark and we froze literally for the first hour or two. Once the sun decided to come out it was much more pleasant. We made the rounds and each of us sort of headed in a different direction. Found lots of good buys. After we were frozen to the bone we headed inside Merchant Square and made our way up and down the ailes
Colleen is already frozen and we just arrived. We ran into Gloria a relative of Colleen's.

Sun is up and it is starting to warm up Yeah

My doll

Beautiful crocheted pillow cases

Another old bottle, salt and pepper shakers and a bag full of Santa pics

A very old beautiful hand embroidered sampler. I am really loving this

The Sant…

Short weekend

This weekend like all of them has just flown by. I am really not ready to head back to work tomorrow. One more day would be so nice. I did accomplish alot today and for that I am thankful. Plus I got to play a bit too so all in all a good day.
My daughter Jen came over this am to help me hang my garland. Took a bit of maneuvering and quite a few trips up and down to get it centered and just right. It was very difficult to get a good pic of it but here is the best I could manage. We needed to rearrange a bit as the "BIRD" was desperately trying to reach the ribbons from his cage. He is moved away from the doorway much to his dismay. Poor bird can't reach the ribbons, the flowers were moved so he can't chew on them and Jen did not give him the attention he wanted. Bad bird day:)

Close up of the detail in the garland

So after laundry and house cleaning I headed to Trader Joe's. Bad idea when you are hungry. But as usual they had food samples so I was able to try a coup…

Long day of shopping=aching feet

Colleen and I headed out this am to try and find a pink prom dress for her mannequin. Unfortunately she didn't find a prom dress but she found a beautiful white night dress that she is going to use until she finds that perfect prom dress.
Unfortunately Kim had obligations at home so was unable to join us. So off to Starbuck's we went for our newest addiction oatmeal and coffee. Once we were fortified our journey began.

Our first stop was of course Mystic Paper. We had to check out the valentines and new paper sections. I fell in love with the two new Basic Grey lines in the store. The valentine papers came in the paper pack and I had to have them as there were two I just loved.

K&Company new vintage papers are to die for and so those were added to my ever growing pile

And another line of Basic Grey went into my basket.

And gosh somehow these new to me acrylic paints were found in my basket too. The reports are that this is the best paint so I will be trying them out soon.

From M…
Finally after a long drama filled crazy week it is Sat. To say I don't have to go to work today and deal with an idiot is a relief!!! I am going to relax and enjoy my weekend.
Like everyone else I am anxiously awaiting the new releases of products at CHA. So far I have clear defined favorites and can't wait to get my paper hoarding hands on them. Alot of what is out there is the same old thing cutsie or a copy of someone else's line, what is up with that? But here is a list of my favorites I have found so far.

October Afternoon Cherry Hill papers
7 Gypsies
Creative Imaginations
Basic Grey
Going to be heading out on a mission to find a pink prom dress for Colleen's dress form. We should have alot of fun doing that. I will update our success or lack there of later
Hope everyone has a great day

What a week so far

My goodness this has been a week filled with all kinds of excitement, history, drama and anticipation. I am counting Sunday as the beginning of the week!!
Two big events started my week: The Cardinals and the PF Chang Rock n Roll Marathon.
Can you believe the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. Go Cardinals!!!!

Early Sunday am PF Chang held their annual Marathon.Three special guys ran this again. They are starting out 2009 as they do every year with the PF Chang Rock N Roll and then on to San Diego in June for that Rock n Roll and then in August it is to Quebec for that one. This is an annual event for these guys. So congrats to J, W, and D for completing another milestone like 26 miles!

J & W crossing the line

D crossing the line

Monday brought the start of One World One Heart. Many bloggers are participating including Maija pop over to her blog to sign up. Last I checked there were over 400 blogs participating with awesome give aways

It was also MLK Day. A day to reflect and honor



This has been a busy but creative day. I slept in late for me and finished up the laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping in record time. Checked in on the Marathon to see how 3 guys were doing and then I played. Mike has created a monster as I am loving the bees wax. Problem is I ran out of boards both his and Kim's. So with the smell of a roast in the crock pot and the bees wax melting in another I played the afternoon away. I am slowly getting the hang of the bees wax process.
Here is the wax melting away

My last board. I still have to add some embellis but I like this

And my little bird nest. The birds and the square board are Kim's wood cut outs. Love these and they are working so well with the waxing

and last a much better picture of the one I completed in Mike's class yesterday.

Had a great afternoon. Talked with Colleen a bit and she is under the weather but cheering on the Cardinals. The Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl Yeah!!! All 3 guys finished the Marathon Y…

Been Beezy

I took a class at Mystic Paper with Mike Putman. What a fun class with bees wax. Colleen, Kim, and Tina also were there. It was so good to see Tina and catch up with her and her busy life. I think all of us came home with wonderful and different projects, as each of us had a different interpretation of the shabby collages. If you ever get a chance to take one of Mike's classes go for it. They are stress free and you learn so many techniques in all a great time. Tina needed to leave before we all finished so after Kim was done we headed to Mango's for a late lunch. Yummy food. Then it was time to pack up and head home. Unfortunately I missed the daylight to photograph my collage so will try to get a better pic tomorrow and post. And Mike warned us that when using bees wax to be careful it draws bees. Yeap it does. We had a little visitor come to join us. Too funny. So I will make sure my doors are closed when attempting this here at home. Ya I have all the supplies to play here…

Sunday Lazy Quiet Day

It is a quiet, kind of lazy, beautiful sunshiny day here today. I am enjoying the windows open and the sun pouring through my windows. It has been a good day despite my rotten cold, and I am accomplishing quite a bit of house cleaning and also paying attention to my artistic side!
Yesterday was a great day. Colleen arrived back from California Friday evening so Saturday we headed to Starbuck's and Mystic Paper. Got all caught up on the goings on of Mystic, Kim and Jennifer's lives and we got a special showing of Baby Ella via Colleen's new digital picture frame. Baby Ella is such a doll and she looks like her daddy that is for sure. After a filling good good lunch at TC's we headed home.
I started working on some of my many projects and kits sitting here. I am determined to get these finished and in my albums this year:) I have finished my word album that I have put together to highlight my word FOCUS, completed 2 layouts with pics no less, and am working on Carol Winger…