Short weekend

This weekend like all of them has just flown by. I am really not ready to head back to work tomorrow. One more day would be so nice. I did accomplish alot today and for that I am thankful. Plus I got to play a bit too so all in all a good day.
My daughter Jen came over this am to help me hang my garland. Took a bit of maneuvering and quite a few trips up and down to get it centered and just right. It was very difficult to get a good pic of it but here is the best I could manage. We needed to rearrange a bit as the "BIRD" was desperately trying to reach the ribbons from his cage. He is moved away from the doorway much to his dismay. Poor bird can't reach the ribbons, the flowers were moved so he can't chew on them and Jen did not give him the attention he wanted. Bad bird day:)

Close up of the detail in the garland

So after laundry and house cleaning I headed to Trader Joe's. Bad idea when you are hungry. But as usual they had food samples so I was able to try a couple of new things which I ended up buying. I restocked my favorite apple slices. These are so good

Green tea with Blueberry and pomegranate my favorite

Going to try Persian cucumbers in my salad tonight

and added to that salad a medley of salad tomatoes

and then I had to replenish my peanut butter pretzels that Colleen hooked Kim and I on and a new treat cheese puffs

And can I say I am in heaven. This sweet lady told me once I tried these I would not go back to Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. Well she was right!!!! These are an amazing sweet wonderful treat.

So after all the shopping, cleaning laundry and catching up on the news with my folks and sister, I decided to work on a few little valentines for my tree. Below is the start. Have more glitter and embellishing to do but here is a sneak peak.

Tomorrow starts another busy week. Hope everyone has a great week.


kim hesson said…
the tomatoes look yummy! the garland looks wonderful and you are way ahead of me on the valentines for your tree. i'm still working away.
Tina said…
Sounds like a fun weekend. The food looks yummy....maybe you should have a warning for blog readers too...don't read when hungry. Now I want to go to Trader Joes. LOL And I love your garland. That is a great idea!
Lindsey said…
That garland is beautiful, love your valentine creations too!

From your previous post, don't you absolutely love the K & Company paper! My heart skipped a bit when I saw it at the store!

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