The holidays have come and gone and like most everyone else I think about the coming year and what I look forward to, what I want to accomplish and what my goals are. And like everyone else I am excited and motivated in January and then come Feb, March, April and so on, my motivation slips and I fall back into the same old rut. So this year, no great lofty resolutions. Instead I chose to “Focus” on my word of the year and bring it into my daily life. This is the 3rd year I have taken Ali Edwards word of the year idea. And yeap my word is “FOCUS” to be more aware and enjoy the daily happenings in my life. I contemplated quite a long while to come up with a word for 2009 that had meaning and do-ability for me. This word seems to be it. The areas that I plan to Focus on during the coming year are:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Finances
4. Faith
5. Home
6. Health/Me
7. Work
I am mulling around in my head some type of mini album, journal or something to get my thoughts, ideas and tracking of these ideas down so I can be accountable.

I tackled one of my areas HOME yesterday. I cleaned and de-stashed and de-cluttered and threw away a ton of stuff, Result is a wonderfully clean, organized laundry room/back entryway. I then started the huge process of organizing my scrap room. Made some headway at least I can walk into the room

So what am I doing today you ask. Well when I went to look up a word definition online their word of the day fit me perfectly
\LAH-lee-gag\ verb
: to spend time idly, aimlessly, or foolishly: dawdle.
Yeap that is me today, spending time on my computer organizing my pics, playing with my blog header and catching up on blog reading. Oh ya and freezing it is cold in here today
I had a wonderful surprise this afternoon as a good friend popped over with homemade vegetable soup. Craig did a great job on this soup. It is super yummy and hit the spot. Kim and I got to just sit drink tea and catch up. Colleen called while Kim was here and we both got to chat with her. She is loving that baby granddaughter. It was a much needed break and so I focused on friends today too.
It is back to a normal week of work tomorrow so probably going to be a busy one.
I have really enjoyed my 4 days off that is for sure


Paris Cowgirl said…
Wow! four days off...what's that like? Miss you guys!
Maija said…
Great word!

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