A Happy New Year

The Bamseys and Vicks joined forces to celebrate the coming of the New Year. It has been such a long time since we were all together to welcome in the coming year. All of us worked Wednesday so I kept the food very simple. We had breakfast for dinner with bacon, waffels, coffee cake, and an egg casserole. Ms S was visiting her bestest friend ever for a sleepover as her friend was here visiting from California. So just Mr A joined the adults. Mr A loved his special waffles that I put chocolate chips in and the egg casserole was the "best". After our dinner we cleared and cleaned up and the games began. One of our newest favorites is a game I gave the TJ for Christmas called Take a Trip. We are loving it and just let me say the competition with the male members of the family is fierce!!!!! The guys don't like the girls to win:) We all made it till midnight and then the party broke up as everyone headed home. It was such a fun evening. Mr A loved the poppers I found for him. The following pics give a glimpse of his faces playing games with us and popping the poppers. He had all of us laughing at his antics.

Contemplating his next move

Victory he completed one of his destinations

John and TJ concentrating and plotting

Jen and A getting ready for that next move

The game notice all the trains I am red, TJ black, Mr A blue, John yellow, and Jen green. Jenn won this round go Jen

The following pics are of Mr A's funny faces popping his popper things.

I was able to talk with Colleen yesterday and she is enjoying her sweet Granddaughter. It was good to get caught up.

Kim reminded me that it is time to pick a new word for 2009. Ali Edwards started all of us on a word for the year. You can read about it on her blog. I had a few words I was leaning towards and I finally came up with the final decision today.
My word for 2009 is "FOCUS"
1. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

verb (used with object)
to bring to a focus or into focus, to concentrate
More on how I go about living on my word at a later post.
I hope everyone is having a safe, relaxing New Years Day.
Happy 2009


Looks like a fun time! Love those expressions when the popper POPS! Happy New Year! Smiles, Heidi (who doesn't have any resolutions and doesn't even have a new word...far from focused!)
Tina said…
Happy New Year to you too Sherry. Here's to a great one!
Rebecca Tresler said…
you always talk about the best food! i get food envy!!

happy new years!!
Maija said…
Those photos of "A" rock! He's having so much fun!

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