Flea Market Finds and Valentine Kits

My day started at 6:30 am or as Colleen says O dark thirty, with Colleen arriving to pick me up for a Flea market adventure. After fortifying ourselves with hot coffee for me and iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso for Colleen we headed to the Merchant Square flea market in their parking lot to meet Kim. Can I say it was 40 some degrees and dark and we froze literally for the first hour or two. Once the sun decided to come out it was much more pleasant. We made the rounds and each of us sort of headed in a different direction. Found lots of good buys. After we were frozen to the bone we headed inside Merchant Square and made our way up and down the ailes
Colleen is already frozen and we just arrived. We ran into Gloria a relative of Colleen's.

Sun is up and it is starting to warm up Yeah

My doll

Beautiful crocheted pillow cases

Another old bottle, salt and pepper shakers and a bag full of Santa pics

A very old beautiful hand embroidered sampler. I am really loving this

The Santa pics. I found more embroidered pillow cases, lace and a few more Easter decorations to add to the pile

From Merchant it was to TC's to grab a late breakfast and an early lunch. French toast and omelets for Kim and I and eggs and the delicious potatoes for Colleen. Then on to Mystic. Jennifer was holding down the store and it was fun to visit and catch up on CHA. We cracked up at her Paris H stories. Oooed and ahed over the new basic grey samples she had brought back. We made a quick trip to our favorite thrift store and then we had to all head home. Great day of shopping was had by all of us. Colleen and Kim promise to post pics of their finds.

Last Friday Joli Paquet had their kit sale. I purchased kits from Junque Art and The Little Pink Studio. I have been busy putting together the goodies. Both of the kits were packaged just too cute and I think that was half the fun of getting them. I have my sweet little bird done and am working on the valentines
Here is Junque Art package

Inside the box

A peek inside the little tin

and ta da my little bird

And Thursday my 2nd kit arrived. Again so fun to open

Inside beautiful wrapped kit supplies. I am working on the valentines now so will post pics when I am done

So a great day of fun finds, good friends, lots of laughs, great food and FREEZING temps till 8:30. After the sun arrived and warmed up it was a beautiful day
Super Bowl tomorrow Go Go Go Cardinals


kim hesson said…
what a fun day! thanks! now i need to share the goodies i got...maybe tomorrow.
Barb said…
Great finds at the flea market.

Thanks for coming by and signing up for the bird nest giveaway.

Your in the hat.

BArbara Jean
Tina said…
Ok....Next time I want to come along! I love Merchant Square, TC's AND Mystic. :) Sounds like you had a good time.
See you on the 20th!
Maija said…
You scored girlfriend!!!!!

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