Anniversary and Thank You

One year ago today my life took a sudden and to me dramatic turn. I found myself face down in the bushes outside CGRMC with a severely dislocated and fractured knee. To say this was a life altering time in my well planned go go go life is an understatement. I have learned ( not without grumbling, and why me, and complaining): patience. Yeap really I have learned more patience. I learned that those that I didn't think really cared really really did. I learned that you can get through almost anything with determination and will power and the help of family, good friends and a wonderful persistent generous S.O.
So Jan 7th I was laid low, Jan 14th I had surgery and from there on it has been a battle getting my knee and leg to function. To Jen and TJ who helped me so much and hauled me around, ran errands and cheered me on, to my parents and sister who cheered me with phone calls, to Colleen who brought me lunch everyday the week I was home recovering from surgery, put up with my grouchiness, and again hauled me to classes and very brief shopping expeditions,to Kim and Aliya who kept me cheered up with phone calls, funny emails and visits and to my S.O. who not only made sure I was able to get to work daily, arranged his office and set up his lap top so that I could continue to work, and most importantly provided me the rehab I so desperately needed and wasn't getting from the surgeon. Who kept on telling me I could do it it would get better and who refused to listen to my whining!!! To all of you a big thanks as I can now walk, slightly run and have almost completely normal knee mobility.
So here is to a better year 2009 with no injuries, improved health, continued improved knee mobility. To all who helped me get where I am THANKS are not enough. But THANK YOU!!! To all of you I couldn't have done it without your support.

Leg before surgery

Leg post surgery in a cast for 6 weeks :(


Maija said…
Oh my! Has it been a year already???
Paris Cowgirl said…
Wowza girl! Seriously a year? How can that be? I am so happy that your recovery is good. I remember those classes where we would strategically place you and your propped up let at the end of the table! Fun time!

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