Final Goodbyes

It has been a gut wrenching sad and emotional two months for the Struchen's.
We have said our final goodbyes with many tears, laughter, sadness and breaking hearts.
Dad passed on Feb 25th and now Mom has joined him on March 10th.  We knew Mom was very ill but none of us expected that she would go so very quickly.
And now as my sister says we are orphans.  We are still family but right now without Dad and Mom to bring us and keep us all together as they had worked so hard to do all these years.
As I had written on Caring Bridge Dad was our hero, our mentor our DAD.  It is so hard to realize there are no more early am text messages or emails  no more 4pm Sunday phone calls.  There is a giant void in my heart
Mom seemed to think she always took a back seat to Dad.  But she was always there to help us, give us strength hold us to a higher standard.  "We Struchen women are tough" she used to tell me when I was needing a listening ear.  "You can do it!"
Mom was a true lady.  She knew manners better than all and she made sure that us kids knew them too.  She loved to entertain and always went the extra mile to ensure that everything was perfect from the meal, the table decorations to the after the meal entertainment.  She was wonderful at writing poems.  So wished she had saved them.  Mom also was an excellent seamstress, crafter and toile painter.  Her quiet dignified demeanor belied the strength she had.  After Dad had passed she leaned over and said to me I am ok.  I knew she wasn't but she had to reassure me. She lost the light in her eyes, her smile after Dad was gone and so 2 weeks after Dad she joined her love of 65 years. Mom,  your presence, your strength, your generosity, your love of your family, your devotion to Church and community will be greatly missed by not only your family but your community.
We love you both Mom and Dad and we pray you are together at peace and watching over your family.
We hope we can live up to your expectations and that we do you proud.


Sparklinbecks said…
Im so sorry Sherry. I am praying for you right now. big hugs!
lezlie said…
I know it is an adjustment... they were both very sweet people. I am so sorry for your loss... our thoughts are with you.
Maija said…
And I can tell you with certainty Sherry, they did so right by you! You are one of the most wonderful women in my life- someone who I admire and turn to in good times and bad. The example that your parents set left their impression on you. I feel blessed t,o have known them, through you. Be well my dear friend and take care because here will be more dark days ahead of you. You will will cry, get angry and find peace. Your recovery will be tough, but I promise you that with a little time, it won't hurt so much. Things will be ok again in your life!! Oxox Maija
Nicole said…
I'm so sorry for your loss Sherry. We missed you at Earleen's. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Marta said…
Sherry you do not know me but I follow your blog. I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to you. I hope that someday my daughters will have the same thoughts about my husband and me and how we raised them. What a wonderful legacy your follks have left you with. I hope that joy will soon overshadow the sorrow you feel today.

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