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Quiet weekend

This has been an unusually quiet weekend for me. Usually I'm busy going to classes or out and about with Beth and Colleen. Not this weekend. Believe it or not I was home all day Sat and today. Do miracles never cease??? I did go to Walmart and the grocery store this am. My big find at Walmart was the great deal I got on flowers. They had their fall flower bunches for 94 cents so I picked up a few and viola after disassembling them I have tons of flowers for my projects.
I still am working on my A-Z album from last weekend. Geesh I am beginning to wonder if and when I will get it done.
Pool was cleaned yesterday and I see it is dirty again with leaves and debris. So guess I better head on out and clean it up AGAIN.
Can't believe it is Sunday so soon and it is back to work again tomorrow. I have class on Friday at DM to look forward to and class at Jan's on Wed so not too busy just enough.

More Friday ramblings

My day started with breakfast at IKEA with Beth and Colleen. My IKEA find of the day is these storage tins. 2 for 6.99 How can you beat that I ask. And I do have lots of stuff to store!
We were looking for the SHE book, couldn't find that but did find these wonderful figures with great sayings. The Mermaid is hanging from the bathroom mirror and the other 3 have yet to find a resting place to my liking. I think they will move frequently in the next few days.

On to Michaels to find some stenciling stuff and paint. But look what I found. These folders (6 of them) came in a pack and I think they will make a great album. I have a picture of it in my head so lets see if I can get it to work. I also got the little notecards to use as journaling tags.

And that was about the extent of my day. Lunch at Crackers. A run to Target to find the elusive document boxes, and of course Costco which I already posted about and am now home. Ready for a nap or something.No other adventures are…

In the Pink

Colleen and I attended the Heidi Swapp event at Devine Memories on Tuesday nite. There Heidi informed us that Costco was carrying her product. So Colleen and I were determined to go to Costco and find it. First store we hit we found the Pink boxes. Yeap just what we were looking for. Now most people were just buying the kit, but as we all know me I had to have the box. Love that pink box. So as not to feel too guilty I bought two kits one for me and one for my sister in Iowa. I think that justified emptying out the box of the rest of the kits and claiming it don't you???

Pics by Mr A

Parrot DaddyJohn
Uncle TJ
We had a BBQ yesterdaywith all the family. Totally fun day. Jenn andI were taking lots of pics of swimming and other things. Mr A wanted to take pics so I gave him the camera. What a hoot. He framed each person for like 10 minutes and then took the pic. So above is some of the pics he took. Mine is awful of me not the pic he took, just me, so guess what no one is seeing thatone. Can you tell we were all tired after swimming??
Favor boxes and goodies for Beth's Birthday celebration. These carrier boxes are from IKEA and I covered and embellished them with Rusty Pickle paper and ribbons. I filled each box with a Japanese white pen that I found online and it is a great pen for journaling, altered pic frame with a pic of us on my birthday, antique jewerly finds, a ribbon jar, and an egg cup. The pins I put on each box are called Bratz and I haven't seen any more. Got these years ago.
Beth and Colleen at Mystic Paper with Kim the owner in the background. We were early and Kim was cleaning up and getting ready for our class. A marathon class by the way. 11-3 no breaks at all of our choice.
The tradition continues as we decorate a "birthday bonnet" for the BD girl. Hat is from Australia from Colleen and then I used flowers, Tulle and old lace and old jewelry to embellish it.

What along day. Class at Mystic Paper was very involved, lots of new techniques faux finishes, . Each letter of …

Friday in Review

What an awesome day today. I spent the entire day and evening at Devine Memories as they hosted Autism Awareness. You could tell that Michelle, Sandy, and Jen had put so much planning and effort into this program. From the first class through to the crop it was a day that they made sure everyone had a great experience. Thanks Sandy, Michelle and Jenn.
so first class was with Kim K and we made this sweet little friend album.

As usual can't get these pics to upload in order but this is my bag packed and ready to go
Poor pic but this is where I spent my day

Colleen, Michelle, Sandy and Jenn at the crop. I bet they were exhausted with all the hours they have put in
The cutest album we made with Michelle in our second class.Food from the cheesecake factory was sooo good and rich and fattening but.... Goodie bags given to all of us were amazing and yes folks I one a prize surprise surprise as I never ever win anything. So a great day and nite.Now on to Beth's celebration wh…

A Big Day Ahead

Thanks to a very understanding boss, I get to indulge my addiction for taking classes and help out a great cause. Colleen and I are taking 2 classes tomorrow at Devine Memories for their Autism event. Then to top it off we are signed up for the Friday nite crop from 6-12am. A good time is anticipated.
Saturday is Beth's Birthday and we are taking a class and then celebrating her birthday at Houstons, And finally Sunday kids all coming for a BBQ and swimming. Busy weekend!
More details to come. I'm charging the camera and my cell phone and I'm packed for the classes and crop so all is good. Later

A-Z It's All albout Me

Class at my favorite store Devine Memories with one of my favorite instructors last nite. A really good class and the end product is pictured. It was different doing a page on myself. So anyways here is the finished product. A couple of days of rest and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be packed full. Classes all day Friday and crop Friday nite at DM for Autism. Saturday class and Beth's BD celebration and Sunday kids all coming to my house for BBQ and swimming. Busy end to a hot hot hot week here in Arizona

And the answer is???

Now I could drag this out another day, but I'm not that mean hee hee
I was told by the guy selling it to me that it is from Germany and that this is a bread box storage thingy. Ta da.
Colleen's is white with a blue top and is in the more traditional shape. So if the seller is to be believed I have an old German bread box that I'm going to put scrapbooking supplies in. Regardless of age I love it.

New Find, what is it??

I had fogotten to post these pics with my post of last nite, so here they are. What is this??? Can anyone guess?? I bought it at the antique store yesterday and am going to use it for storage of something. Just not sure what yet. Colleen bought 2 of these in different shapes and sizes. So here are some clues:
#1. It is old ( ya good clue since I bought it at an antique store)
#2. It is from a country that starts with a "G"
#3. It was used to store a food product
Ok any guesses? My sister and of course Colleen know the answer. I will give the answer in my next blog post! Leave me a comment if you think you know.
Off to clean the pool. The big wind left many leaves etc in my pool.

A busy day

Another busy day for me. I met Colleen at Mango's in Mesa for lunch. Good food, but it was so hot in there I thought Colleen and I would die. After lunch we headed to our class at Mystic Papers. Colleen really wanted to take this class as it was an Asian tag book and a friends tag book. Long class.
Surprise on my doorstep when I got home. My Scrapmuse monthly scrapbook kit arrived complete with the much anticipated candy bar. I get one candy bar a month when my kit is delivered. Now it is hot here so I will leave to your imagination the condition of the candy bar. I threw it in the refrig so hopefully it will recover from liquid to a somewhat misshapen bar. A really good kit as usual and there are stamps which is new for me. Apparently this is not a new thing and stamps and inks are often included in the kit. Lots of paper. I know I need more paper. So off to put it all away.

I'm bad!!! Oh so bad!!

Well Colleen and I went to Nordstoms! Anniversary Sale. Ya right. They saw me coming a mile away.We ran ok Colleen ran I struggled to keep up. They were having a sale but and a BIG BUT here folks, not on what I wanted. Colleen snagged T-shirts and shoes. Me, well lets just say my paycheck next week is considerably already spent. However, as I think back it has been at least 1 year since I have spent money on good work clothes. (Rationalizing) So 2 dresses, 2 skirts and 2 tops later most of it not on sale I have new clothes to wear to work. Yipee.
It was so hot in the store that one lady passed out, I'm thinking she saw her bill, but I'll go along with the heat story, that they had to walk her to her car with all her bags. They handed out these cute little water bottles as you went in. Of course we got ours going out but water is water. Aren't these bags just too cute??

I confess I'm addicted

Ok so the new Stampin Up catalog for 2006-2007 came out the last week of June. Yeap all of you that know my competive, addictive ways know that I had to order right away. Thanks Jan for putting in that first order for all of us. And yes Colleen beat me she got way more than me. I'm being conservative ya right. Actually I am being good as I'm waiting for the coupon in August to order the much wanted coveted stamp, punch, ink pad tin. Ha Colleen I get 12 free cards naner naner since I'm waiting. Anyway order arrived last night and I have it in my hot little hands today. Now to use them. I'm a great collector of paper, stamps and tools.
Off to Nordstroms with Ms Colleen. Big sale. I'm not buying (smirksmirk)

Thursday nite class

Another very fun class at Devine Memories tonight taught by Michelle.
We put together a magnet board. I love the board and actually was going to put it in my scraproom but... Hmm I'm thinking that I mite hang it in the kitchen dining area as these are the colors I want in my kitchen area. Guess I will need to see if I can find paint. I would like to paint the cupboards the sand color. Another project another day.
Tomorrow we hit Nordstroms sale. Not buying anything ha ha ha

Busy busy nites

It's been a busy week and it is only Wednesday. One of those weeks that I have signed up for tons of classes. Tuesday nite was Kim's class at DM. What a fun class. Made the summer layout. Somehow no matter how I upload these pics it seperated them. But anyway here are the pics of "Summer Fun" the fun page
Jan's part 2 Christmas card class, total of 12 cards. I now have 24 cards for Christmas. Mite help to mail them huh?
Summer page. I'm learning tons of new techniques, brushing on previously learned techniques. Class tomorrow nite. More later

Long awaited dance recital pics

Sadera's last dance recital was held on June 17. She looked so pretty and so grown up in her outfits. Since this was her last year at this studio it was pretty special. The studio did not hire a photographer so one of the mom's took pics. Really turned out well.

Make-N-Takes from Open House

The 3 cards we made during the open house at Jan's.
Weekend is ahead, one would hope the humidity will leave and we can have just nice hot weather. No big plans for the weekend. Class at DM on Sat and probably lunch with Colleen for sure and maybe Beth. Just a relax and enjoy weekend.
Pics from Jan's Stampin Up open house. What a great time. Good food! Grilled shrimp courtsey of John. Poor John this is the 2nd nite we invaded their home, Magnolia cupcakes to die for and of course Jan's speciality drinks watermellon martinis and a drink made with champagne called Almond Joy oh my sooo good. The Make-n takes were wonderful too.

Colleen's Picasso masterpiece!

Jan trying to figure out what Colleen is creating. After we finished the cards we played with all Jan's stuff. Too fun.

Colleen and Michelle

This and That

Monthly Stampin Up club was last nite. As per usual lots of laughter and 3 great cards were completed. Jan taught us a new technique with stamping actually 2 new things so alot of fun.

Still playing with eyelets and my crop-a-dial. Putting eyelets in anything metal Ican find. Here is the latest project
Stampin Up open house tonite with John's grilled shrimp. Hopefully Colleen will save usall some. Should be fun as we get to play with new stamp sets from the new 2006-2007 catalog. Jan's make-n-takes are always neat

My Target Finds

After my trip to the sale at DM, I took a little side trip to Target to get one thing. Ha what a joke! But I found some more treasures to alter and use for storage of my meager supplies I say tongue in cheek. Anyway on the clearance table were the two metal divided containers at 4 dolloars each so I had to have two. Then in the kitchen aisle I found a small collander so had to have that too. The pic above is after putting on the stickers and filling with my scissors.

Collander this is a small one and the only one Target had in white
Not a good pic but I had to try using my crop-a-dial to put eyelets in this little pail I had. Works great. Just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the 4 holes already in the pail
One of these days I'm going to figure out how to load these pics in order. Obviously I still didn't get it right. Here are the original finds from Target

Just another pic. So, a very quiet day here, but a good day. I shopped, laid in the pool for…