New Find, what is it??

I had fogotten to post these pics with my post of last nite, so here they are. What is this??? Can anyone guess?? I bought it at the antique store yesterday and am going to use it for storage of something. Just not sure what yet. Colleen bought 2 of these in different shapes and sizes. So here are some clues:
#1. It is old ( ya good clue since I bought it at an antique store)
#2. It is from a country that starts with a "G"
#3. It was used to store a food product
Ok any guesses? My sister and of course Colleen know the answer. I will give the answer in my next blog post! Leave me a comment if you think you know.
Off to clean the pool. The big wind left many leaves etc in my pool.


okay i'm not really sure what it is, but it looks really cool and just like something that would fit in at my place! i'll be waiting to hear the answer.

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