More Friday ramblings

My day started with breakfast at IKEA with Beth and Colleen. My IKEA find of the day is these storage tins. 2 for 6.99 How can you beat that I ask. And I do have lots of stuff to store!
We were looking for the SHE book, couldn't find that but did find these wonderful figures with great sayings. The Mermaid is hanging from the bathroom mirror and the other 3 have yet to find a resting place to my liking. I think they will move frequently in the next few days.

On to Michaels to find some stenciling stuff and paint. But look what I found. These folders (6 of them) came in a pack and I think they will make a great album. I have a picture of it in my head so lets see if I can get it to work. I also got the little notecards to use as journaling tags.

And that was about the extent of my day. Lunch at Crackers. A run to Target to find the elusive document boxes, and of course Costco which I already posted about and am now home. Ready for a nap or something.

No other adventures are planned this weekend. Lay low scrapbook and clean the POOL.


oh my i love the folders!!!!!!!!!!!! where in michaels did you find them. i was just there the other night and didn't see anything like that. dang i want a set of those.!!!!
sherry said…
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