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What a Week! What a Day!

I am giving you all a warning this is going to be a long post with lots of pics!! I was a bad blogger this week and didn't blog so here it is all in one post.
Work is busy with new patients starting dialysis and winter visitors trickling in. Add to that the usual paper work and one filled up week.

Yesterday Colleen and I took Sadera with us for the day. We were missing Kim and her girls but Kim was busy consructing a pirate ship. Can't wait to see her pics. Can I just say what a trooper Sadera was and she LOVES shopping as much as we do. She is up for anything and basically that is what she got. A whole day of shopping Colleen and Grandma style.
Of course our first stop was Starbuck's and coffees and pumpkin bread mmmm so good. Then to Mystic Paper. Due to us being a bit early Mystic wasn't open so we wandered the booths lined up along the street. Michelle had her fantastic mosaic creations there and Colleen purchased two really sweet pieces. Check her blog for …

Did you register????

I am officially registered for Jessica Sprague's free online class. Jo, Colleen, Kim did you get registered yet:) I am really looking forward to taking this class. Ok back to work really I was on a break really!!

Saturday update

All I am saying is what a fun, family friends day. Saturday was just the best. As per usual a quick trip to Starbucks for much needed energy and Colleen and I headed to downtown Mesa for our class with Mike P at Mystic Paper and for all the festivities going on down there. Domestic Bliss was sponsoring a fund raiser for Stephanie and Christian Neilson (see Stephanie's sister's blog for ongoing updates and fundraisers) and downtown Mesa was hosting a Western type day. Tons of vendors lined Main Street. Kim H and Mike P had their tables set up outside of Mystic Paper selling their great stuff. What a fun day to browse and be out in the fresh air

My class with Mike at Mystic Paper was fantastic. Finally a class on bees wax where my end result was not a goopy globby mess. The highlight for me was learning exactly how to use all the Tim Holtz products I have. Love it and thanks to Mike for showing us. I tried to get a good photo of my canvas but alas just not able to So here is the …


Here it is Friday already. It has been a long but short week. Long in lots of work accomplished and short in that I was only at work for three days. I am telecommuting theses last two days. Love it!!! I am accomplishing so much in clearing up some of this boring must get done paper work.

I am still working on a week in my life. I am finding that I am very routine regimented and my life is pretty boring!! I am anxious to actually get my album put together. Need to get the pictures printed.

Big plans for the weekend. Have a bees wax class with Mike P at Mystic Paper Saturday morning and then plan to shop at the festivities. Mystic Paper will have vendors set up in front of the store. I am so excited as my family TJ, Jenn, John, Sadera and Anthony will be coming down to meet Colleen and I so we can enjoy all the chili, salsa and other events. Kim (originator of designing the wood easel) will be one of the vendors at Mystic and can't wait to pick up some more of her original wood cut ou…

A Beautiful Cool Sunday

What a beautiful cool day with a gentle breeze blowing. The sun is bright but is is not hot a perfect fall day. This weather puts me in the mood for hot chocolate, soups, casseroles and anything pumpkin.

I made a quick well sort of quick trip to the store and came home with enough food for 2 weeks. I got busy and made up the main course meals so hopefully it will make dinners easier in the evenings when I am tired and don't feel like cooking.

Believe it or not I am almost done putting things away and straightening up my house. I still am working on my three class projects and will post pics when they are done. Despite adding a few more very necessary things yesterday when Colleen and I made a trip to Mystic to get some fun stamps and then to Ikea. Let me tell ya wrong day for IkEA they were having a big sale and it was packed.

I still have a few more photos to share of our swaps at Artistic Affaire. Jessie hosted a house and cigar box swap and Joy and Kelly hosted a canvas swap. All …

Continuing My Artistic Affaire adventure

So I will try and blog a bit more about last weekend. Friday, after a wonderful breakfast at the Embassy Suites, while Kim headed over to Kim C's home to set up for Saturday, Colleen Sue and I hired a driver to take us to the garment district in downtown LA. That was an overwhelming place. Fun but sensory overload
Here we are at breakfast

The trims I purchased

One of the stalls for rent

The floor of the stall

An overly friendly salesman that insisted his picture be taken with Colleen and Sue

A fun boutique with beautiful capes. I splurged and bought a beautiful skirt and sweater here

Starbuck's. Our outing in the district started and ended with a trip to the Starbuck's!

Friday night was "The French General" class. What a fun evening. I previously posted pics but here are a few more
A beautiful little vignette where we could sign in

I chose neutral for my bracelet. They came packaged in these cute tins

My completed bracelet

Next blog post I will add pictures of the three swap…