Continuing My Artistic Affaire adventure

So I will try and blog a bit more about last weekend. Friday, after a wonderful breakfast at the Embassy Suites, while Kim headed over to Kim C's home to set up for Saturday, Colleen Sue and I hired a driver to take us to the garment district in downtown LA. That was an overwhelming place. Fun but sensory overload
Here we are at breakfast

The trims I purchased

One of the stalls for rent

The floor of the stall

An overly friendly salesman that insisted his picture be taken with Colleen and Sue

A fun boutique with beautiful capes. I splurged and bought a beautiful skirt and sweater here

Starbuck's. Our outing in the district started and ended with a trip to the Starbuck's!

Friday night was "The French General" class. What a fun evening. I previously posted pics but here are a few more
A beautiful little vignette where we could sign in

I chose neutral for my bracelet. They came packaged in these cute tins

My completed bracelet

Next blog post I will add pictures of the three swaps hosted by Jessi, Joy and Kelly


Maija said…
Your bracelet is fab!! Where is that vendor guy's hand?????
Anonymous said…
Great pics. I haven't finished my bracelet yet! You should have told me I had Alfafa hair at breakfast! HAAAAAAAAAAA
Holly Loves Art said…
Hi Sherry!

Great post. It was so nice to see you again! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

See you soon,


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