Saturday update

All I am saying is what a fun, family friends day. Saturday was just the best. As per usual a quick trip to Starbucks for much needed energy and Colleen and I headed to downtown Mesa for our class with Mike P at Mystic Paper and for all the festivities going on down there. Domestic Bliss was sponsoring a fund raiser for Stephanie and Christian Neilson (see Stephanie's sister's blog for ongoing updates and fundraisers) and downtown Mesa was hosting a Western type day. Tons of vendors lined Main Street. Kim H and Mike P had their tables set up outside of Mystic Paper selling their great stuff. What a fun day to browse and be out in the fresh air

My class with Mike at Mystic Paper was fantastic. Finally a class on bees wax where my end result was not a goopy globby mess. The highlight for me was learning exactly how to use all the Tim Holtz products I have. Love it and thanks to Mike for showing us. I tried to get a good photo of my canvas but alas just not able to So here is the best of the 100 ha ha I took. I really enjoyed this class and now have the bees wax bug or bee:)

Following class I met up with TJ, Jennifer, Sadera and Anthony and we headed out for lunch. Colleen had all of us rounded up and away we went to Sweetcakes for the best chicken salad in the whole world!!!! Unfortunately the chili and salsa cook offs were cancelled bummers. We took Kelsey and Aliya with us and what fun we all had sitting out on the sidewalk area eating our lunch. Aliya and Anthony were so funny as they blew through their cheese crisps so they could eat their pumpkin cookies "Auntie Colleen" got them. Jenn meanwhile played with my camera snapping lost of pics. Here are a few of them
Sadera TJ Anthony posing so happily for mommy

Aliya and Kelsey. Aliya would hide from Jenn every time she tried to catch a pic
Kelsey and Aliya in front of Mystic

Colleen keeping us entertained

Sadera with her prized Pumpkin Cookie

Anthony being a goof posing with the statue

Following lunch we headed out to look around and take Kim back a sandwich. Anthony and Aliya played while Colleen, Jenn, Kelsey, Sadera and I checked out a few of the little store boutiques. We found some cute cute tops
We ran in to lots of friends Sue M, Cindy and Maija and Beth are just a few we got to catch up with. Maija looks fantastic with her new hair color and her wow outfit
Meanwhile Anthony found bats, ghosts, and cats at Kims table and of course the skeleton. He is all set up with glue, paint and glitter to finish them up. It will be his project. Have fun Mommy!!!
Halloween treat jar I made for the kids using Stampin Up vinyl. Love their new vinyl decor items.


kim hesson said…
it was a fun filled day! thanks again! love the vinyl cut outs on your jar too cute!
Paris Cowgirl said…
It really was a fun day! Wish we could do that every weekend.

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